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CLASH ROYALE is multiplayer real time game was created by SUPERCELL . It can be speed up using CLASH ROYALE GEMS . It uses a deck of 8 carts changeable after each game ; only one cart can be display using elixir generated during the game , the aim is to destroy all enemy towers but after full time the player that destroy much towers wins, in case of equal damage and extra time of 60 seconds is given to determine a winner but if there’s still no winner the game is a draw; each win gives you about 30 trophies and a defeat also take away about 30 trophies.The more trophies you win the more Arena you unlock and the more heroes you will unlock too .

You can create or join a clan to donate and earn more experience .This game is a real time game but you can speed up using CLASH ROYALE GEMS

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