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Marvel: Future Fight is a 2015 superhero-themed video game. The game is created by Netmarble Games and released on April 30, 2015. This game is directly affiliated with Marvel Entertainment under Disney.

In a near future, various dimensions start collapsing. Thor, Black Bolt, and Black Panther are investigating the collapse before encountering a dead Captain America and versions of themselves, who they duel and defeat. In the future, a dying Nick Fury sends his robotic aid, Jocasta, to the player, with a message telling the player to get a group of heroes to restore the balance. After obtaining the heroes Captain America, Black Widow, and Iron Man, Ultron attacks Stark Tower. While fighting off the Ultrons, Jocasta remarks that something seems "off" about them, and the heroes see strange things, like a War Machine armor Tony Stark didn't make, and a hostile Vision.

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