To broaden win-win economic cooperation, Gameusd wish to establish long and steady cooperative relations between suppliers and us, welcome suppliers coming, calling or tellers to us to contact, inquire the details of cooperation. All interested parties please contact us via

Why to sell?

You want to earn money online?of course that’s no problem,many many players have earned a lot of money online,how did they succeed?They couldn’t personally message a player in game,because other players will not believe what you said. They would likely to believe those authentic organization(game product selling site),so that will be more easier for players to become a supplier of a game products site for earning.

Who to sell?

Of course as a player ,you know playing a game is not such a easy thing.So Choosing a safe bulk buyer will be a very important thing for players to consider.Of course if you’re a professionally farmer team,we could say that again.Because not all of the bulk buyers are good buyers,some of them may be scammers.This will make big damage to players on loosing their ingame currency or ingame item. Choosing a high quality bulk buyer will be very is such a good choice for you.We have worked about 5 years no daytime no night,we work 24 hours to give a good service to our customer.We have about 15000+ facebook likes,which confirms how the players trust us.

How to sell?

As The Server Data Still exist some problems,we could not provide a function for players to directly choose your game,server,ingame gold amount,or else.Of course the programmer is also very busy every day,We are trying to work out this function because players will be more convenient to sell to us your in game currency or item.In about 1 month later the function will fully come out,so during this time,pls wait patiently. During this time ,you could provide your supplier info to us ,through the following contacts.

All kind of games those had been listed on
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