Maple Story Account for sale

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How to creat Maple Story Account

1. Registration page

Simply visit the MapleStorySEA Passport registration page. You can also access it via the registration button on the left side menu of MapleSEA website.

①At the registration page: Input your preferred Login ID, Password and Email address twice. Read and agree to our PlayPark’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Submit your information to create the MapleStorySEA Passport.

②Check your mailbox:Upon successful registration, an email will be sent to the email address you have used to register for your MapleStorySEA Passport.

③Click on the “Return to Login Page” to continue.

2. Verify the newly created MapleStorySEA Passport

Check your mailbox for the verification email. Click on the Authenticate Account button to complete the verification procedure.

3.Create a MapleStorySEA game account

Login to your MapleStorySEA Passport account via

4.Setup Google Authenticator 2FA

You’ll be prompted to set-up your 2-Factor Authentication through Google Authenticator. Please follow the on-screen instructions on MapleStorySEA Passport to complete the Authentication set-up process.

To scan the QR Code, you can press the + button on the Google Authenticator App > Scan a QR Code.

5.Save your Backup Code

That’s it! You have now successfully secured your MapleStorySEA Passport account!

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