Buy an Valorant account on Gameusd

If you are new to Valorant, you can buy a finished account first. You can choose the level you want and the skin you like, or you can customize an account if you want. Gameusd has many types of accounts for you to choose from and will deliver immediately after purchase. After you check, there is no problem, and you are the owner of this account! Of course, if your budget is low, we can recommend the most cost-effective account. But generally speaking, the higher the rank level, the more expensive the price of the account will be.

In Valorant, the high rank is a difficult mode, and most people always take a lot of time to reach the high rank. But as long as the loss of a match, the score will be reduced, and the level will drop. If you don't have enough time to play rank, buy a high-rank account on Gameusd and match it with a pro player!

Why need to purchase a Valorant account

Believe it or not, buying a Valorant account has many benefits.

  • Firstly, you can directly obtain some skins. If you care about ranking, you can purchase an account with a ranking level.
  • Secondly, no matter where you play games, you can find accounts or needs suitable for you, such as Valiant accounts in Turkey, Oceania, NA, EU, and other regions.
  • However, please note that once the new season begins, all rankings will automatically reset. If you have any questions, contact our Gameusd customer service 24/7.

How to purchase a Valorant account

  1. View the Valorant account and select based on your region and needs.
  2. Please confirm your requirements and instructions again. After confirming the payment, you can contact the seller.
  3. Wait for the seller to deliver account details within the specified time frame.
  4. Please check whether the new account is correct as soon as you receive it.
  5. After confirming everything is correct, you can change some information and start enjoying your gaming journey.

Is Valorant a free game

Valorant is a free game where everyone can at least try to see if FPS is suitable for them. Like League of Legends, Valorant will provide skin and other cosmetics to curb the profit loss of the free model. Please note that these skins will not give players an advantage in the game but will only change the appearance of their weapons and characters.