WOW Gold or Diablo 3 Gold Buyer Review:
Review: The gold arrived within just a few minutes of ordering (which was surprising, since it says 1 to 3 hours on your site). I started a new character on a new server, so it helped me out a lot. I really appreciate the jump start very much! Thank you! :) The gamer didn't say much (only "hi").. But the whole thing was not conspicuous in any manner. :) I'll definitely be buying more from you. :) -- I've never bought gold before, so I didn't really know how it went, but all my friends have & I'm glad that I did.. I was pretty scared of having my account banned or something, but, when the gamer approached me, it was just like anyone else trading anything else. He was even in a guild. LoL Thank you again! :)

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