Lost ARK

0 Comments Aug-29-2022

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Competitive PvP Proving Grounds Season 1 will come to an end after the weekly maintenance and update on September 7.

Competitive Matches will be unavailable until the start of the next season, and you cannot earn Tier points through the Proving Grounds, Guild Battlefield, or through Quests.

Weekly quests related to Competitive Play will not appear until the start of the next season. You won’t be able to acquire rank points until the start of the next season.

While Coins of Courage won’t be obtainable through weekly PvP rewards, you can still earn them in Normal Matches. Any Coins of Courage acquired in Season 1 will be reset to 0 when the next season starts.

Season 1 end rewards can be obtained directly from the PvP information window after the season ends, and can be claimed until the end of Season 2.

When a new season starts, the ranks of PVP rank 'Ultra 1' or higher will be reset to 'Ultra 1'. At the start of a new season, Competitive Ranks and Ratings are compressed based on previous season performance.

While Competitive Play won’t be available until the start of the next season, if you’re looking to scratch your competitive itch or practice for the next season, Normal PvP Matches are still available! We wish you luck in the final two weeks of Competitive Play! May you reach the ranks and rewards you’re aiming for— and make sure you stay tuned to learn the start date of Season 2.