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A Letter to Blizzard

If you want to use this article, please mention the resource: . Thanks! 


An Open Letter to Blizzard: 

This is a Letter to Blizzard explaining why Blizzard should allow gold trading, written and edited by some of's loyal customers: 

The business of gold trading and other types of Real Money Trading (RMT) are often frowned upon by both game developers and the player base. The idea is that gold selling would hurt the server economy and players don't have to earn the gold. This, however, is not the case.

Currently, the money sinks in this game are much more costly than anyone can make through leveling. It will cost a new player 7,500 gold to be able to ride all of their mounts. Many players, especially those who are casual, might never even get enough gold to get their epic flyer. How can you expect someone who only plays a few hours each week to spend them all doing dailies?
The server economies would be HELPED by gold trading. One of the biggest things that have happened in Wrath of the Lich King is the rise of undercutting on the Auction House. This drops many items well below what they are normally worth. For example, on a Saturday at prime time, a Scarlet Ruby might be selling for 55 gold. On a weekday early in the afternoon, the same exact item might be selling for 95 gold. This is because players often choose to undercut by large amounts in order to have their items sell fast. This devalues the work of every profession, making it harder to make gold. On smaller servers, this would have a larger effect than on the high population servers. The prices on these low population servers are normally rock bottom because it can be hard to find someone willing to buy the item. Gold trading would revitalize the low server population economies.    On high population servers, the gold pool is so large that the effect would be small. The inflation would probably be offset by the amount of people who are now able to get their epic flying mounts, which would allow them to farm more effectively. This is good however, as instead of prices being low to undercutting, they will be driven by actual supply and demand.
Gold trading is fun for those involved. Those who have bought gold know how much more fun you can have by buying gold. You get to spend your time doing what you enjoy. Daily Quest areas will still be very popular, due to the fact that they reward more than just gold. The Argent Tournament gives seals for gear and pets, and the Sons of Hodir quests give rep that is used for shoulder enchants and a mammoth mount. Maybe you despise dailies and farming for materials for professions, but you absolutely love raiding. Currently, you have to do one of these things in order to supply yourself enchants, gems, and the gold for repair bills. Most guilds won't allow you to raid unless you optimize all of those, which leaves players out in the cold and sometimes causes them to quit because they're forced to do something that they don't want to do.
The other thing to keep in mind is that if Blizzard made gold trading legal and created a forum to discuss which site were actually legitimate, the number of people being disturbed by ads would drop dramatically.
Questions and Answers:
Question: I put more time into my character! Gold trading diminishes this work!
Answer: A player who puts in a lot of time will still have better gear and other things like achievements to show they play more.
Question: Nobody will farm materials anymore!
Answer: Materials will always be in high demand because people doing professions will NEED these items. The demand for them will always be high.
Question: When I got my epic mount, I couldn't buy gold. This devalues my accomplishment!
Answer: World of Warcraft is an MMO. MMOs are constantly changing, for example take World of Warcraft, where changes are often made to make old content easier to help make new content more accessible. Allowing players to buy gold would be the same as getting old arena gear from BGs, the Sunwell nerf, or the upcoming change to the badge system.
Question: This game will become whoever has the most money in real life wins...
Answer: Nope! Gold is nice in the fact that it CAN'T replace skill. No matter how much gold you have, if you're not good, you won't win an arena match. If you're not good, you won't be able to down that boss. If you're not good, you won't have good damage. The better players will always have better gear, achievements, and ratings.
Gold trading would be a step in the right direction for World of Warcraft. It would promote the fun part of the game rather than the grind part that players have grown so accustomed to.
Contributed by another loyal customer:
The market for gold or any other digital monetary value in the MMO world will always exist because the demand will ALWAYS exist.  If we look at the logic behind the real world effort for a real world price (the time put into the game to make the gold, and the money used to pay for that time) it is easy to see that real-world money for gold is no different than any other business venture.  Everything in this world that we use was at one point built, worked on, or created by another individual.  While some do what they do for the love of their work, most do what they do to provide for their families and their own well being.  You may argue that you own the rights to the gold in World of Warcraft, but you do not own the time or effort exerted by the individual to earn that gold.  With the gamers blood, sweat, and tears put into every aspect of gathering his resource he deserves the right to be compensated for his efforts in any way he sees worth asking for.
The argument against the sale of gold is a red herring - the true underlying issue is the matter of control that you at Blizzard demand over every aspect of what you have created.  While in itself wanting to control your own creation seems to be a noble cause, but when does it become a tyrannical restriction on the freedom of the individual to prosper?  World of Warcraft is more than a game, it is a way of life, consider the real world comparison to what you are doing - and think about the statement you would be making by allowing people to live and prosper in your game and in the real world.
Contributed by another loyal customer:
I have been a die hard WoW player since the day it came out. I was addicted and I loved to raid but... There was one problem I never had gold as I loved to play so much that I had many alts by the time I finally Had 3 characters at 80 with their epic land mounts and normal fliers I was wondering how I would ever get the 15,000 gold to get all my epic fliers. This kept bugging me so much because I always told my self I would never buy gold.
One day I decided I was just going to stop playing, so I did. A month later a friend pointed me towards Well I bought the gold and took the 5,000 gold I bought and quickly turned it into 20,00 gold through playing the auction house. I have also now never gone inactive and never plan too. has saved me from quitting WoW and in fact has renewed my love for it with just a heaping bonus of love and respect for the people at
Contributed by another loyal customer:
Even if a person has a lot of gold, it doesn't mean they will be the better player. Gold helps, but it isn't the only thing. A good player will have researched how to play and the best techniques. Gold can't buy skills, but however it can buy items to help those who are trying to play at their best. By letting people sell gold, it gives those people who have free time to earn gold to sell it to those who might have a busy life. If you look at it from this standpoint, both players will be more even out. One person gets money and the other gets gold.
Contributed by another loyal customer:
By Blizzard allowing gold trading, it can allow more people to enjoy the full benefits of the game, meaning they would tell their friends, meaning more business for game developers (blizzard and gold sellers) meaning everyone benefits. So why not allow it? If there’s the high possibility of more prosperity for everyone then just allow it and stop all the fuss and problems between it. It also doesn’t hurt anyone, sure people think it’s unfair, but that’s only because they haven’t done it. Not everyone has the time or skill to mine 5000+ gold in a week, but they still need the gold to get their gear, or complete quests, or to help their guild.
Contributed by another loyal customer:
Gold buying in no way hurts blizzards business. Those who have trouble making gold will get discouraged and could end up quiting the game and blizzard would lose customers.
Contributed by another loyal customer:
In the beginning, I was always against buying gold.  I felt that one should earn their gold and it wasn't fair that someone with cash should be able to have things that they didn't work for.  However, I understand now that not everyone has the time to endlessly farm monsters, ores, herbs, and other means earning gold.  In essence, it doesn't really have anything to do with skills.  It's just how much time you have.
Another point I would like to make is that it doesn't hurt Blizzard.  In fact, I believe it benefits Blizzard as more accounts are being made and that is more revenue.
Contributed by another loyal customer:
World of Warcraft, many words can describe this game. Yet a few that stands out is a collectors game. I've played this amazing game for years, and for years i have dwell-ed and gazed upon my colleagues who are able to collect the items i dream of. The item's which cost thousands of gold to obtain, and quite frankly i don't have the time to work for it. This game challenges you're mind to gain things which will make others jealous.
We do not ask much of the legends behind this game, nor is our word heard much. But hear our cries now, allow gold purchasing to be legal. Associate with the sellers, and gain the trades of their secrets.
Contributed by another loyal customer:
Many players have other obligations that consume tons of their time. Those who work double shifts at work (among others) do not have enough time to sit at the computer, working for gold on World of Warcraft.  That is why purchasing gold from websites like this is beneficial to you - you are only spending a partial percentage of what you made at work. You probably make profit off working at your job for an hour as opposed to working for gold on World of Warcraft for an hour.
Contributed by another loyal customer:
I was against gold buying before I tried it. I am a PVP player. Most of my time is spent on arena or battlegrounds. I simply do not have time to farm gold without sacrificing time spent on improving at my class skillwise. That is a reason why I think players should be allowed to buy gold. This game is a great fun, and gold buying makes it so much easier and less frustrating.
Contributed by another loyal customer:
I don't understand why Blizzard would worry about gold farming and trading. It takes so much time to get the armor that gives you the proper equipment and abilities - such as high level, fast flight! 5000g is a bit much to get that ability! Then there is all the gold you spend for training, no matter what your profession or class, you have to pay to get the proper abilities. Then you have to pay to keep your armor repaired (the least) or replaced; not to mention getting new armor, weapons, etc. Then there is the money spent training your profession(s), both primary (like I am a Leatherworker Skinner) and secondary (1st Aid, Cooking, Fishing). I rarely have had enough gold to keep that up. Also, I have found that it's nearly impossible to level up in, say for instance, Enchanting or Engineering. Why? Because the majority of the items I can make are gray. I can make some yellow items - but the point I am making is that most of the time you have to go to the Auction House to get recipes for items you can make and level with.  Most of the recipes are WAY overpriced, but the chances of getting them dropped makes it worth the extra gold to get them.
Please reconsider allowing people to buy, trade and sell gold. Thank you!
Contributed by another loyal customer:
WoW gold being sold helps the casual gamer. Not everyone who plays this game has the time to sit and get hundreds or even thousands of gold. By buying gold it helps the casual gamer stay on pace with everyone else.
Contributed by another loyal customer:
I have played WoW for going on 4 1/2 years and I do work hard for the gold I have earned but being level 80 and having to pay for repairs, flying upgrades, new gems, and enchants it makes it hard to be the best player I want to.
Sure I could spend all day doing dailies, but then I miss out on raids, if I go to raids I can't make as much gold as if I ran dailies all day.  It's a double edged sword.
With new patches and exp coming out and gear being updated all the time it's hard to find time to make enough gold to pay for everything I need and HAVE to update to continue playing WoW.
GameUSD is great becuase they charge a FAIR amount for what you get in return.  It is not a "rip off" like some of those gold farming web sites out there.
Being able to buy a few thousand gold here and there has given me the time to enjoy the game and play it for fun not feel like I have a 2nd job.  I don't feel "burnt out" or that I need a break.  With GameUSD I look forward to buying the new exp becuase I know for a modest sum I can keep caught up with the new trainig etc that comes with it.
TY GameUSD for having honest pricing so that I can enjoy WoW and not feel like I am a employee rather then a player!.
Note: If you want to use this article, please mention the resource: Thanks!

Thank you for choosing !

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WOW Gold,Arche Age Gold,Diablo 3 Gold,Buy WOW Gold,SWTOR Credits,Buy WOW Gold,Cheap WOW Gold for Sale,Cheapest Prices
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