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Buy Cheap Monster Hunter World

Package include:

1:Funds in game :9,999,999

2. Investigation points :9,999,999

3.Props Box (Including not obtained yet) :999

4.Material Box (Including not obtained yet) :999

5.Ornament Items (Including not obtained yet) :999

6.Ammo Box (Including not obtained yet) :999

(the raw materials, props, beads, ammunition can also be available)

Kind Reminding :( Free package 1 should be available twice a month)

To be brief for package 1: This offer is only to change the original archival process. As for role/sechdule/appearance/Character name , all be the same as before )

Process for Changing Archives of Monster Hunter World

You have to offer the file or your PSN account and password to us .

There are two options to get the file for us .

First one ,To upload and keep your document on the file and give us your account and password.

Second one ,exporting the file to computer by U disk. And then send it to us.

(Pay attention: File should be the one that you want to change for your PSN account)

Steps for putting an inverted file to a U disk

Settings-applications and save data management-data stored on the host-copy to USB storage

Steps for offering account and password

Settings-applications and save data management-upload to online storage