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If you are a veteran skull and bones player, you must understand the importance of silver coins in the game. To power up, you must collect additional ships, such as sloops-of-war, frigates, and brigantines, weapons include mortars, broadside cannons, and rockets. All the above are equal to silver coins. Gameusd offers a safe, reliable, and fast-delivery digital platform for you to buy Skull and Bones silver coins at any time. Simplify your silver acquisition process and quickly improve your gaming experience!

Currencies in Skull and Bones

There are four types of currency in Skull and Bones: Silver, Pieces of Eight, Sovereigns, and Gold.

  1. Silver can be earned by completing in-game activities. It can be used to acquire new items from the vendors, repair your ship, or fast-travel to outposts and dens.
  2. Pieces of Eight can be earned by completing in-game activities. They can be used to acquire new items from the Helm and climb ranks in the Seasonal Leaderboard.
  3. Sovereigns can be earned by reaching new milestones on the Seasonal Leaderboard. They can be used to purchase new items from the vendors.
  4. Gold can be purchased through the in-game store or the Ubisoft Store. It can be used to buy cosmetic items for the ship and the Captain, and to get access to the Premium Smuggler Pass.

The most commonly used currency in Skull and Bones is silver coins, whether trading between players or with NPCs, Silver Coins are the most frequently used currency and the most direct way to power up.

How to farm silver in Skull and Bones

Complete contracts and earn rewards

Although the nature of pirates is to plunder and destroy, accepting and completing contracts is an efficient way to earn silver coins in Skull and Bones. When you're sailing on the sea, look out for those ships with yellow smoke and cries of "help". Sign protection contracts with them and escort them to their destinations or help to repair ships.

Not only do these contracts provide silver coins and sellable goods in their own right, but more importantly, during the contract period, you will have the opportunity to defeat rogue ships that come to attack. These ships often carry lucrative loot such as expensive merchandise, bags of silver coins, and treasure boxes. Therefore, while fulfilling your protection contract, you will also be able to earn additional huge rewards by defeating your attackers.

Looting and plundering, the pirate's specialty

Of course, as pirates, looting and plundering is our specialty. In Skull and Bones, you can collect resources and silver coins by looting trade routes, settlements and participating in world events. However, to get more silver coins, you need to choose more valuable looting targets.

Rogue ships in the open seas tend to have richer loot, so they're worth prioritizing as targets. In addition, while sailing, it is worth keeping an eye out for hidden resource spots such as shipwrecks. Often containing silver coins and several commodities that can be sold at outposts, these places are a great place to replenish your wealth.

Follow the treasure maps and explore treasure trails

Treasure maps are one of the most important ways to obtain silver coins in Skull and Bones. When you come across a treasure map, take time to scrutinize and look for the locations of the treasure boxes on the map. These treasure boxes often harbor large amounts of silver coins and sellable items, making them a great way to build wealth quickly.

Finding the treasures on the map is not particularly difficult. When you arrive at an outpost shown on the map, a notification will appear on the screen alerting you that the treasure is on that island. At this point, you can fix the map on the game interface and follow the clues step by step to explore the treasure trail. When you find the treasure chest and open it, you'll be able to reap the rewards of silver coins and loot.

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Once you are strong enough (provided you have the silver coins), completing protection contracts and looting other ships will be an effective way to get silver coins. At all times, following normal treasure maps is a time-consuming and labor-intensive method of acquiring Silver. Legendary treasure maps could offer more silver coins, but to get this map, you inevitably need to power up before you can complete Cutthroat Cargo (where players can acquire legendary treasure maps). Whether it's catching up with other players quickly or improving equipment for a better gaming experience, buying silver coins could be a choice.

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About Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones is a tactical action game set in an open world environment and played from a third-person perspective. Players take control of a customizable pirate ship and may choose to sail the Indian Ocean on a single-player campaign, or gather up to five other players to ally in player versus player gameplay in Disputed Waters.

A core component is the multiplayer mode Loot Hunt, where two groups of players are challenged in treasure hunting to further accumulate their riches. Each given ship's crow's nest is scalable for use as a lookout point, and spyglasses will be available.

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