Escape From Tarkov


What’s the role of EFT Roubles in the game deal?

Escape From Tarkov’s currencies are EFT Roubles, EFT Euros, and EFT Dollars. They are all used to buy items from a certain merchant. The vast majority of players trade in EFT Roubles. The EFT Roubles has the strongest circulation in the game. With Skier and Peacekeeper, players can convert EFT Roubles to EFT Dollars. In a similar vein, players can exchange EFT Dollars and Euros for EFT Roubles.

Players may buy a lot of items and services using EFT Rubles, like groceries, weapons, equipment, and other items. Depending on what they require, players can buy various goods to assist them in surviving in the game. Adequate EFT Roubles are essential to place players in a good situation.

Why buy EFT Roubles on GameUSD?

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How to buy EFT Roubles on GameUSD?

  1. Sign up for a GameUSD account.
  2. Select “Escape From Tarkov” under “Currency”.
  3. Read the description first, then fill in the purchased quantity and related information, and finally click on “buy now”.
  4. Select the payment method and complete the payment.

Few ways to get EFT Roubles:

There are two ways for players to acquire items such as clothing, weapons, and gear: loot and purchasing with in-game currency. Similarly, there are two methods for obtaining ETF Roubles: loot Roubles or sell loot to merchants. As a result, there is a scarcity of EFT Roubles.

What's the difference between Escape From Tarkov and other games?

This game is a hardcore realistic style, and hardcore games compared to other ordinary games, there will be more depth, playability and durability is high, these are players known and recognized. The mapping mechanism of this game is different from traditional games. The difference is that traditional games come with a game map, and can always have a mini-map and compass to help you identify the direction, and at any time you can also call up the entire copy of the large map to identify the location. However, this game does not have all of these, because the map mechanism of this game also adopts the same hardcore realistic design, it is necessary to rely on the player's own eyes to observe and brain memory to make comparisons.