What Star Citizen is and what it brings us?

A massive world of 70 galaxies may be found in the space simulation game Star Citizen, which also features a large range of ship types and ship parts for multiplayer networked fights and trading. After playing this game, my childhood dream of watching the Star Trek series suddenly doesn't seem so far away. A person took the light rail across the desolate city to the airport, where the ship slowly took off and the dot of light from the tall buildings got farther and farther away from the porthole until it was covered by the atmosphere. A short thirty minutes has become one of the most romantic memories of the game in our memory!

Why do you need to buy aUEC?

More aUEC, more assurance of a good position. Don’t hesitate to purchase some aUEC at GameUSD if you need a better ship or a good starting point. The latest Alpha Patch 3.20 update for Star Citizen has fans buzzing since it adds new ships, objectives, and significant additions to the game. The space exploration and trading aspects of the game are made even more realistic and immersive with the addition of automatic cargo transfer and a new cargo packaging system. Purchasing aUEC from GameUSD can make you stand out in such a large cosmos!

Why should you choose Gameusd to buy aUEC?

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How to obtain aUEC quickly as a Star Citizen newbie?

Choose place of birth: better Lorville or District 18

Because of Lorville, the planet generally has no atmosphere, then the Aurora and Mustang such small boats, can fly faster, in picking up the courier mission can be completed faster, at the same time in response to the turret of the ground station, even if you need to go around the back of the ship to stop, due to the flat terrain is also easier to avoid the turret's attack. Also, Lorville is centrally located in the entire Stanton area, making it easier to get to the other main cities.

One option for District 18 is that personal weapons are sold in the main city, and there is a specialized 890 mission. The basic planetary atmosphere is similar to that of Lorville.
The good thing about District 18 and Lowell is that there are places to buy ships directly. And the ground station security armor is all about looking better than the new Babbage.


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