New Event Comes in Dungeon Fighter Online:Archer's Detailed attributes and skills

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NEOPLE, the developer of Dungeon Warrior Online (DFO) has presented a Archer event update, which launched on July 25, fleshes out the game's extensive character selection and introduces new aspects of the game for new players and veterans alike.

It is A Great Expansion for the DFO

A Dealer offensive class that combines acrobatic marksmanship with tech-based arsenal.
Traveler's cutting-edge technology comes from the Free Explorer Guild and is a unique DPS character.


Her weapon is a long bow, and on the battlefield, they use weapons to launch auxiliary projectiles to cause chaos, which can quickly provide support and not only control it but also cause considerable AOE damage.
The Traveler is an archery player who combines traditional long-range archery and unique mechanical tools and gadgets with acrobatic skills.

When level 50, Traveler wakes to Dreamer level 75, the Dreamer wakes up to Stargazer, and when level 100, the Stargazer wakes up to New Neo: Traveler.

Her first cosmetic effect is the shooting support mist gear attached to her longbow.
Her second Awakening cosmetic effect is a divine mist gadget attached to the bottom of her longbow, cooking something with her campfire gadget before exploding.

Below are Traveler’s skills:

Active Skills:

  • Acrobatic Raid
  • Quick Move
  • Campfire
  • Fog Swarm
  • Bug Repellent
  • Exciting
  • Triple Axel
  • Drizzle
  • Jetstream
  • Highland Mistflower
  • Gear Drive
  • Traveler's Intuition
  • Miststorm
  • Setup: Onslaught
  • Divine Mist Gadget: Meteor

Awakening Skills:

  • Survival
  • Wild Fire
  • Scrambled Anchors
  • Setup: Flash
  • Setup: Divine Mist Gadget: Malefic Beast Rampage

Traveler 2nd Awakening Skills:

  • Automatic Movement
  • Haze Storm
  • Wandering Star Crest
  • Setup: Fireworks
  • Divine Mist Gadget: Polaris

Traveler Neo: Awakening Skills:

  • Gear Drive: Nebula
  • Stellar Gear
  • Divine Star Gadget: Sagittarius

Traveler TP Skills:

  • Fog Swarm Upgrade
  • Mist Burst Upgrade
  • Acrobatic Raid Upgrade
  • Campfire Upgrade
  • Quick Move Upgrade
  • Highland Mistflower Upgrade
  • Jetstream Upgrade
  • Bug Repellent Upgrade
  • Drizzle Upgrade
  • Gear Drive Upgrade
  • Divine Mist Gadget: Meteor Upgrade
  • Miststorm Upgrade
  • Triple Axel Upgrade
  • Scrambled Anchors Upgrade
  • Setup: Divine Mist Gadget: Malefic Beast Rampage Upgrade


The Muse progression provides a charming support character who joins the fight with music. With her unique weapon, the Lyra Bow, Muse can fire musical arrows that boost the strength and spirit of her teammates while dealing massive damage to her opponents. Her abilities designed to improve the team's performance, providing tactical boosts and weakening attacks, thereby improving the team's overall combat effectiveness

Class update requirement :
Idol: level 50
Icon: level 100
At last : Neo: Muse.
Her first awakening couture effect is the muse strumming on her lyra bow.
Her Second Awakening Couture Effect is to strike a pose while summoning her amplifier, allowing the spotlight to shine on her for a few seconds.
Her newly awakened outfit has the effect of four constellations floating around her, then appearing above her head as she plays her lyra bow, and finally disappearing.

Below are Muse’s skills:

Active Skills:

  • Hand Warm-up
  • Active Equalizer
  • Nights and Dreams
  • Hot Debut
  • Effector On: Power
  • Culture Shock
  • Star of the Day
  • Effector On: Groove
  • Street Performance
  • Vivid
  • Pop-Popping Spectrum
  • Lovely Tempo

Muse 2nd Awakening Skills:

  • Intro: Shine on Me

Muse Neo: Awakening Skills:

  • Episode of Harmony
  • Dreaming Trilogy
  • Finale: Special Story
  • Muse TP Skills:
  • Hand Warm-up Upgrade
  • Active Equalizer Upgrade
  • Nights and Dreams Upgrade
  • Hot Debut Upgrade
  • Culture Shock Upgrade
  • Street Performance Upgrade
  • Vivid Upgrade
  • Pop-Popping Spectrum Upgrade
  • New Version Celebration Event

To celebrate the launch of Archer, NEOPLE has planned many special events and rewards, allowing both new and returning players to have a better experience. These celebration activities include but are not limited to increasing upgrade experience, more golds, daily login rewards, and instance rewards, ensuring that all players can quickly participate. Activity features, such as the ability to copy archer character equipment to different characters, encourage a diverse gaming experience. Players can also participate in the ongoing DFO Switch Drops event to receive additional cosmetics and high value rewards.

In Conclusion

The Traveler in DNF is a character with extremely strong combat strength. And can deal huge damage to all enemy monsters and also receive good defensive armor before the critical attack.Except this, it also has a very high health growth, which can maintain an effective combat state in a long-term battle, and the output is more stable.So I think the Traveler is stronger than Muse in some faction.