Diablo 4 Season 3 Barbarian Charge Guide

 Author:  Gameusd

This article is a supplement to the Barbarian Progression phase of Build. It is intended for players who obtain Aspect of Ancestral Charge early on. However, it is important to note that this Build is only suitable for the progression phase and not for fighting bosses in the later stages of the game. For the late-game bosses, the Hammer is the best choice due to their increased difficulty.
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Gameplay Core

Let's begin with the core of the game: Aspect of Ancestral Charge. This skill summons four Ancients who also charge, dealing [20-30]% of normal damage. Additionally, it triggers the Charge's change effect, which shortens the cooldown for each enemy hit. Summoned Barbarians can also trigger this effect after charging into an enemy.
In other words, even if there is only one enemy, Aspect of Ancestral Charge guarantees a full cooldown reduction for Charge. The skill deals significant damage, and when combined with Charge, we can quickly stack Earthstriker's effects using Frenzy and Whirlwind.
It's important to note that Earthstriker's Aspect can only be unlocked by clearing Morgan's Works. By utilizing the aforementioned aspects, we can release the suppressive charge every two to three seconds while supplementing the damage with other skills as needed. However, it is important to note that the distance of the charge may be difficult to control and may veer off course. It appears that Charge may have some bugs, such as occasionally colliding with unexplainable obstacles. Moving forward, I will provide a brief overview of the strength of this build, as well as the power of these two aspects.
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Introduction to Strength

After completing the above Build, players can find elite monsters on their own to test their strength. Ordinary monsters, because of the existence of Aspect of Ancestral Charge, will be easily killed, is not see the strength of this set of Build.
If you are in a group, it is recommended to wait until the buffs are stacked before using Charge, as the group will increase the monster's blood level, and if you don't stack the buffs, you may not be able to kill the monsters.
This playstyle is mainly for players who have obtained an Aspect of Ancestral Charge in the early stages. If you don't have access to Aspect of Ancestral Charge, using the traditional Hammer of the Ancients is also a good option. Hammer of the Ancients is always a quality progression skill. Always go for Walking Arsenal for the passive skill, it provides a better benefit upfront than the other skills.
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Skill Selection

Frenzy has to be ordered to get the damage reduction effect. Since we don't rely on Whirlwind to deal damage, Whirlwind only needs to be upgraded once, or if you have an abundance of skill points, you can upgrade it to bleed effects. The other skills are no different from the traditional playstyle, but one thing to note is that the Battle Fervor skill is crucial, as it enhances Charge and keeps us in a berserk state. Then there's Walking Arsenal, which is pretty sick as the attack speed boost it provides is multiplied. If you also have an additional attack speed boost, it pays off even more. Lastly, let's talk about the Charge skill. the cooldown of Charge decreases as you level the skill. Therefore, choosing pants and necklace gear that increase Charge's level will make the early fights easier.
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Charge Combat Tips

If you're using Charge on a boss that doesn't move, position yourself a little in front of the monster; Charge is performed by dashing forward and then using your weapon to perform a swing. To make sure that this swing hits the enemy, the Charge needs to stop in front of the monster. This is a very important skill. In Season 3, some bosses don't move, so if you want to charge them, you'll need to control the position of your Charge to ensure that you do the most damage.
When charging, try to slam the enemy into the wall, which is one of Charge's tricks. For joystick players, this operation may be more troublesome. PC players because of the use of the mouse, control will be easier. Just control it with your mouse.
There is also an Aspect called Veteran Brawler's Aspect, which is very easy to get, and with it, we need to carry the Whirlwind skill to stack buffs and increase damage.
d4 barbarian


Both Aspects of Ancestral Charge and Hammer of the Ancients are excellent choices for early game progression. The tunnels are the most important battle scenario in the early stages, whether you are in a group or solo. Even without the Aspect of Ancestral Charge, you can dominate the tunnels. By mastering the above-mentioned tips and learning to control your position, you can become a Charge Master of the Barbarian. Buy Diablo 4 gold coins and items at Gameusd, if you have any needs.