How to fast travel in New World

 Author:  Gameusd

If you're looking for ways to fast travel in New World, this guide has you covered. Aeternum is massive and as there are no mounts—yes, there is an in-game lore reason for this(opens in new tab)—you might be wondering the best way to get around.

Luckily, there's a fast travel system in place but it's not as simple as it might first appear. For a start, you'll need to visit the place first to activate it. The numerous quests are going to have you traveling far and wide, so let's get down to business and see how you can use New World fast travel to get around in Aeternum.

Exploring the map on foot is the only way to familiarise yourself with Aeternum. As well as finding all manner of quests, you'll also find fast travel shrines while you're out and about.

It's not obvious where fast travel shrines are located as they're not marked on the map until you interact with them, but luckily, the maps below show you the location of each. When you get close to them, you'll notice a beam that reaches the sky, enabling you to pinpoint their location. The beam is red for undiscovered shrines and pale blue for those you've visited previously.

As well as shrines, you can fast travel to settlements you've previously visited. You can also use the Recall to Inn function to return to the last inn you checked in at.

The Recall to Inn function has a cooldown of an hour, so only use it if you're sure you want to head to that specific location. It's worth using to join your friends in a specific location you've all previously visited, rather than using up resources to fast travel. The downside here is that you can only be registered to one in at a time, so you won't have a roster of inns you can choose from.

But fast travel comes with a cost—Azoth. You can earn this blue resource by completing quests. How much Azoth you'll need to spend in order to fast travel depends on the location's base cost, the distance cost—the further you go, the more Azoth you'll need—and the encumbrance cost, which takes into account how much gear you're carrying. You can acquire fast travel discounts by joining a New World faction(opens in new tab) or a Company, and you might get a further discount if your faction controls the area.