How to Get Legendary Items in WoW Legion

 Author:  Gameusd

With a minimum item level of 895, Legendaries are the most powerful items World of Warcraft: Legion currently has to offer. They also convey unique passives that can change your character's abilities or offer other benefits. Obtaining a Legendary is ultimately a matter of time and probability, but certain actions offer the player additional chances to collect this rare loot.

World Emissary Quest Rewards

This is almost certainly the most approachable way for players to try their luck at a daily chance for a top tier item. Every day players at max level who have completed Khadgar’s quest “Uniting the Isles” will have access to new world quests all over the Shattered Isles. Each day one faction will task the player with completing four of their respective world quests. These “Emissary Quests” can be tracked in the world map.
Upon completion, you’ll be rewarded with a loot box containing gold, order resources, or most importantly, a potential Legendary.

World Bosses

Legion offers you the chance to kill one of eleven world bosses every week. Whichever world boss happens to spawn will be the target of a world quest that will last a few days ensuring that all players have a chance to tackle the boss. This is critically important because upon killing any world boss you’ll have a chance to receive a Legendary Item.

Raid Bosses

Successfully beating bosses in any of Legion’s raid encounters now nets players with another chance of getting a Legendary Item.

Dungeon Bosses

If you aren’t interested in raids you will still be afforded a similar chance at a Legendary reward by beating dungeon bosses with increased probability of Legendaries at higher difficulty levels.
Mythic Plus Weekly Rewards
Mythic plus dungeons offer players scalable difficulty options that hinge on the level of their Keystone. Players that complete mythic plus content will receive a loot chest in their class order hall reflecting the highest completed keystone challenge for the week. This chest offers discerning players yet another chance to obtain a Legendary Item through PvE.

PvP rewards

The last confirmed method of Legendary reward is PvP. If you are a player that prefers to forgo PvE entirely - Blizzard has not forgotten about you. It is confirmed that every PvP strongbox will have a chance to pay out with a class-defining Legendary Item. It is important to note however, that the unique effects of Legendaries are disabled in all forms of PvP except for open world.
If none of these methods seem to be paying off, worry not. Blizzard has confirmed that the longer you go without receiving a Legendary drop, the higher your chance of finding one becomes. If you are lucky enough to have the opposite problem and perhaps have obtained two or three Legendaries you have surely noticed that you can only equip one. The final tier of the Class Hall research tree offers players the chance to wear a second Legendary for the price of 15,000 Order Hall resources and a time investment of 14 days to complete. Keep in mind that this tier of research cannot be accessed until all other tiers have been completed which takes 29 days and 6 hours. Blizzard has also stated that as Legion progresses the Legendary cap will slowly be raised. A Legion dev stated that, “playing the game” is all that is necessary to receive these special items. This has led to hundreds of unsubstantiated rumors about different ways to obtain Legendaries.
Keep your eyes peeled while playing and if you manage to get a Legendary in any way not listed here please let us know! Good luck!