How to Get the Golden Key in Dark and Darker?

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The Golden Key is a rare item in Dark and Darker that can be used to obtain a lot of treasure. To use the key, you need to be on a specific dungeon floor. There are several ways to get the key and find the treasure.

What is the Golden Key in Dark and Darker?

The Golden Key is a very coveted item for good reason. You can use this extremely rare item to obtain one of the most sought-after treasures in the game. In addition, the door to the room happens to be a giant golden gate, and inside you will find a variety of useful treasures. This golden gate is unique, and you can easily recognize it on the door, located in the southern part of B2 Hell.

Now, B2 Dungeon 1 is the only place where you can find this golden gate and use your golden key. After climbing the tower to reach your destination, you can use the key to enter the room. However, be careful, as a group of enemies, including skeleton warriors and spiders, will welcome you.
Obviously, you will encounter a huge amount of gold in this treasure room. But that's not all the game has to offer. You will also be able to loot very rare equipment, which is very rare, and some jewelry. If you want to maximize the gold and profit you get from this treasure room, be sure to bring some golden pouches. This will ensure that you and your friends can maximize the amount of gold and treasure you get.
As for how to get the Golden Key, you can use several methods to get this key. We will discuss them in the next section of this guide.

How to Get the Golden Key?

It is impossible to enter this treasure room without a golden key, of course, and these keys are not that easy to find. Fortunately, we have covered all known methods so far. Here are all the methods you can use to get a golden key:

  • Skeletal champions are the best bet for finding a golden key.
  • Another way to get a golden key is to loot other players who already have it.
  • Finally, but equally important, you can get a golden key by purchasing it from the store.

Defeating skeletal champions is the recommended method. These enemies will occasionally drop the key, and you can fight them in the hope of getting the drop. This is the simplest method you can follow and does not require any other resources.
Needless to say, in Dark and Darker, players can loot other players after killing them. This method has a lower chance of success because you need to be stronger than your opponent. Additionally, you need to rely on the possibility that other players have a golden key, which they may or may not have. However, if you happen to encounter a player who does have the key, you can defeat them and claim it for yourself.

Remember, since you can steal keys from other players, they can do the same to you. So be sure to be properly equipped and ready to fight when you find the golden key.
The last option is that you can buy from the store. This is a bit counterintuitive because you are spending gold to get gold, but you are very likely to get back the amount you spent or even more. This is because gold is not the only reward in this treasure room, you can also get some high-rare equipment. Some players sell the golden keys they find in the store for gold, which usually sells for around 1000 gold.


Dark and Darker is an engaging first-person dungeon exploration game. The game is PvP and PvE, and it is a lot of fun to play, especially with friends. The game is inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and focuses on clearing dungeons and obtaining various treasures and rewards.
We have included all the knowledge we have about the Golden Key in Dark and Darker. Once you find this key, you are sure to get a lot of wealth. While you are here, be sure to check out our Dark and Darker guide: All Priest Spells. Was this guide helpful? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.