Palworld Breeding Tips - From Beginner to Expert

 Author:  Gameusd

I am a Palworld player and have put hundreds of hours into breeding play. In this article, I will share my summary of Palworld's cultivation tips to help players who are just getting started with cultivation gameplay to get started quickly.

Breeding Logic

Breeding is divided into two processes: heredity and mutation. Heredity refers to the offspring inheriting the traits of the parent, while mutation refers to the random generation of new traits in the offspring (although the probability of mutation is lower than that of heredity). Breeding results in two categories: A+B=C, which I call Pal with the recipe, and A+A=A, which means the same Pal can only be obtained from two identical Pals, which I call Pal without the recipe. For example, Jetragon and Frostallion are Pals without a recipe.
Mutation is unpredictable, but genetics can be controlled. Therefore, we must control the genetics of the sire to produce the four designated Pals. As long as the sire has both Pal genes required for the four designated words, the offspring will hatch the desired Pals. This is the logic behind the entire breeding process.
The following text discusses the finer details of the breeding process. Please note that this text does not cover the creation of a 4-speed word Jetragon.

Details of Cultivation

The key aspect of cultivation is purification.
For instance, consider two Fenglope creatures: one with the traits of Godspeed, Legend, and Social Animal, and the other with Flexible, Athletic, and Narcissist traits. At first glance, it may seem easy to breed a Fenglope with four-speed traits by combining these two creatures. However, this is a common mistake that new players make, as it is not as simple as it appears. In fact, it is the biggest pitfall on the breeding path. To purify these two Fenglope, it is best to use single-word Fenglope breedings such as God Speed, Legendary, and Social Animal Fenglope for those with one-speed words, and Flexibility or Athletic Athlete for those with two or three-speed words. Finally, use 3+1 or 2+2 unadulterated breedings to get closer to the Fenglope with four-speed words.
As an example, I did not have any extra Shadowbeak in my warehouse to concentrate on and upgrade the star level, after my 4 golden words Shadowbeak came out very early. Therefore, I simply used unadulterated 3+1 or 3+2 to hatch some more for enrichment. As a result, there were more than 10 perfect words in the 100 Shadowbeaks used for enrichment. In summary, a 3+1 group can produce a perfect Shadowbeak in 5 to 6 eggs. Additionally, any impurities in the sire's line will result in a corresponding increase in the amount of trash produced.
As a counterpoint, I was able to breed a perfect Anubis using the A+A=A method. Breeding a boss-level Anubis will result in the Rock Emperor, while breeding another artificial Anubis will provide the Lore, Ferocity, and Brains traits. I had previously collected some Legendary Brain Fierce embers, including Shadowbeak. I used Shadowbeak and Beegarde to breed Anubis. This impurity is difficult to detect and remove, so I neglected to do so. Although the embryos I had collected should have been successful, I skipped the purification process and the Beegarde I used for Anubis had impurities due to its self-destructive nature. I only encountered one boss level, Anubis, who was a Rock Emperor and Mine Leader. By the time I reached the A+A=A stage, all the hatched Anubis had 1-2 impurities. This resulted in excessive time spent purifying the Iwatei phrase, and the Anubis became the only Pal that I condensed to full strength without specializing in hatching quantities.
To avoid this issue, it is important to purify the Anubis before proceeding to the A+A=A stage, using not only Iwatei phrases but also other useless phrases. To start, Anubis and Brains or Fierce Pal should purify the Iwatei entry since it is the most incomplete. Lore, Brains, and Fierce Embers are typically heavily accumulated. If the Rock Emperor is not purified properly, subsequent mass hatchings will greatly increase the workload due to the impact of even a single impurity.

How to screen Pal

When cleaning Pal, it is important to know what to keep and what to discard. These can be further broken down into three categories: strength and intelligence, speed and agility, and craftsmanship and social skills. Typically, the most important attributes are strength, speed, and work ethic. The words can be divided into three groups: fierce and intelligent, fast and athletic, and skilled and sociable. What we're leaving behind when clearing is:

  1. Pals without any word entries.
  2. the three sets of words mentioned above. Here is a point to note, to leave behind should have more than one word within the same group of Pal. If at the same time have attack, speed, and work a few of the words, the subsequent purification, another group of words is the impurity.

Special Breeding Route

Finally, let's talk about the cultivation route for Pal without formula. Typically a Jetragon with four-speed phrases. My advice is to catch as many Jetragons as you can, regardless of the phrases, not to gamble on catching a full-speed Jetragon, but to catch a pair of the opposite gender with only the Dragon and Legend phrases. The next step is to keep those two breeding offspring. Since you're going to be making four full-speed Jetragon, the Shenlong would be an impurity, and breeding them this way would allow you to purify the legendaries and have 2-word positions to give the mutation a chance. Then purify the lore-only Jetragon and continue the lore and legend breeding. The main idea at this stage is to leave more word positions for mutations to gamble on the maximum mutation possibilities. I thought this phase would be long before I made Jetragon, but actually after a phrase, such as Legendary, Divine Dragon, and Divine Speed, the athleticism came slowly during the subsequent purification of Divine Speed. Jetragon only took me 3 hours to make two of them. Frostallion does the same thing.


Breeding is a playstyle that is difficult at first but gets easier with some buildup, as I'm sure many players who are addicted to breeding know all too well. If you're just starting and want to make a graduated damage Pal, I suggest you breed Orserk. In the process of breeding it, you'll gain a lot of offensive embryos that can help you solve countless problems later on.


Lastly, some tips that you may encounter.

  1. Every time you teleport to the Breeding Yard from somewhere else, some Pal will run out.
    First of all, it is recommended to set up a separate place for the Breeding Ground, and not to put beds in it. This is because breeding does not lower the san value of the Pal. So there would be no need to sleep, just put food tubs in the center. Also, this problem can't be solved completely because the game's optimization mechanic is that after you teleport away, the Pal in your house stops functioning. This means that as long as you don't guard the breeding ground, the above will definitely happen. Removing the beds and food bowls in the center to reduce the movement path of the Pal, which can reduce the number of times this happens, but it can't be avoided.
  2. Pal is placed in the Breeding Yard but shows no work to be done.
    After this problem occurs, it means that this Pal and this breeding ground have permanent exclusion, either changing the Pal to another breeding ground or tearing down the breeding ground and rebuilding it.
  3. How to solve the cake
    Breeding is a very long process and the cake is very consuming. My suggestion is to breed only bees in the livestock farm, and buy eggs and milk from merchants. In the later stages, as you capture various bosses to get the breeding mothers, you will get a lot of materials that can be sold, so you won't be short of gold, and it will be very easy to buy eggs and milk.