Experience Sharing of Individual Values of Pals—Palworld Breeding

 Author:  Gameusd

Most Palworld players, including myself, are currently in the breeding phase. I have invested hundreds of hours in breeding and have successfully bred a Blazamut with full individual value. In this guide, I will share my experience with you.


For example, a Blazamut with a higher individual value can result in a 24% increase in the final panel boost, which translates to approximately 360+ attacks. It is important to keep this in mind.
The full individual value of different types of Pals also affects the increase in individual value.
The individual value inheritance is fixed and not randomized between the upper and lower limits of the progeny's individual value.
Therefore, the individual value can be treated as a fixed word, making it easy to obtain a Pal with a high individual value.
Before breeding for individual values, only Pals with the correct word are obtained. It is unnecessary to worry about previous efforts being wasted when breeding a full individual value Pal, as the individual value is unknown.

Step 1

The initial and challenging step is to capture a sufficient number of wild Pals, at least three of different genders, with standardized attack, defense, and life values. The inheritance limit of these values is determined by the parents, so it is crucial to ensure that the parent's values meet the required standards. The standard values should be defined based on individual needs. For instance, if 80 is the desired level for graduation, then capturing 80 or more Pals will complete this stage.

Points to note

Higher-grade captured Pals are preferable. Captured Pals of the same species should have the same grade to facilitate individual value filtering. The three Pals mentioned above should not all be the same gender as existing Pals with full words. Additionally, pay attention to gender. If no Pals meet the gender requirements, breed them to obtain the correct gender.

Step 2

Breed the Pals with full entries with Pals that meet the single data standard. Get the Pals that meet the single data standard and have 2/3/4 valid entries, and then breed such Pals to get Pals that meet multiple data standards. this step allows you to breed as many Pals as possible.

Points to note

The Pals that are bred should not have any unwanted entries. If a Pals is only ranked 1, it is difficult to determine whether it has met the standard or not based solely on its attributes. At this stage, it is advisable to increase the multiplier for experience gain. The number of Pals to breed is determined by the number of Pals on your farm. For a single farm, it is recommended to have 8-10 Pals, while for four farms, it is recommended to have 15-30 Pals. At this stage, it is best to categorize the Pals that meet the conditions by gender.
If there is a single data-satisfied Pal that carries a valid phrase, prioritize breeding it with a Pal that has all the data satisfied, carries a valid phrase, and is of a different gender. Then, mate this Pal with a Pal that has the correct phrase. There is a probability of directly obtaining a Pal with full Individual Value.

Step 3

The third and final step is to screen the Pals for the final mating, by looking for Pals in the males with multiple data points, and then looking at the entries, and then going to the female Pals.
Then go to the female Pals to find complementary individuals.

Take Blazamut for example

I have a male 99/45/98 Legendary + Fierce.
Then go to the females xx/99/xx Inferno + Brain.
The best case scenario is to have and only have the words mentioned above, if you really don't have them, you can choose Pals that fulfill the conditions but have interfering items. but be sure to note that there can be more words, but definitely not less.
If you don't find a complementary individual that meets the requirements please repeat the second step.

Finally, wish all of you early success in cultivating your favorite Pals!