PoE Deadeye Storyline Build Guide in 3.23 Part 2

 Author:  Gameusd

In the first part of the Deadeye build guide, we detailed Havoc's playflow in Chapter 1 and learned how to pass the chapters with maximum efficiency. Once we understand Havoc's pace of play, we'll be able to follow this pattern for the rest of the chapters to get through them quickly and comfortably.

Chapter 2

In Chapter 2, complete The Den quest to get the second Potion of Speed. In the storyline chapter, movement speed is the only important attribute. Moving fast enough means going to the next chapter quickly and getting better equipment and more experience.
When completing the quest on The Chamber of Sins Level 2, Havoc went straight to The Western Forest. After finishing these two, he chose Herald of Ice as his reward.
Arriving at The Weaver Chambers in The Western Forest, Havoc had entered a bottleneck due to his rapid progress and having no good weapon. When we encounter this situation, we should find a way to replace our equipment and upgrade.
the weaver's chambers
Killed the spiders and returned to the town, Havoc selected Trinity Support as a quest reward. During the flow of the Havoc, the three thieves, he chose to help Alira for five magic regeneration per second, a 20% bonus to critical damage, and 15% elemental resistance.
After clearing the path to the prison gate in The Western Forest, Havoc returned to Chapter 1 to purchase Precision and Steelskin. The boss in Chapter 2 is a DPS detector. Once you can kill him quickly, the rest of the game will go smoothly. By this point, Havoc still had no better bow, but he had got Precise Technique on the Skill Tree, which made his damage high enough. Havoc also spends almost 20 minutes in Chapter Two to finish the game.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is a linear flow with only a few notes.
After killing Piety in The Crematorium, Havoc returned to town and bought two auras, Anger and Haste. Use Haste aura to increase movement speed, and switch to Anger aura to increase damage when facing a single target. Buying an Anger aura is enough for most players. Havoc had no skill for retaining MP, so it would be very tight when he turned on the aura. Do you still remember Alira? It is time to show the advantages. The 5 MP per second you gained from helping Alira becomes crucial. Of course, you can also use the magic reserve according to your own needs.
One key point in Chapter 3 is the Added Lightning Damage Support craft, a prefix that increases your combat power in the early stages of your game. Remember to buy Elemental Damage with Attacks Support and Frenzy skill gems. Frenzy can now replace Manaforged Arrows Support and Galvanic Arrow. You can get green orbs, which increase your movement and attack speed automatically by using Frenzy.
Havoc chose to complete the Ascendancy Trail and got Gathering Winds, which further increased his movement speed.
After Finishing the Ascendancy Trail, go back to the town to buy Blast Rain and Storm Rain, which will enhance your solo gameplay. Combine them with Managed Arrows Support + Lifetap Support. You will get an automated single burst skill set.
gathering winds
On the top floor of The Sceptre of God, Havoc got a Royal Bow, a graduation bow, 20-30 fire damage, 6-110 electricity damage, an increase in the equipment by 11% critical rate, and 54% elemental damage. In the battle with the boss, Havoc has been tweaking skill Gems, connecting Blast Rain with the Managed Arrows Support set, and replacing Burning Arrow. The trigger efficiency of Manaforged Arrows Support is relatively low without Lifetap Support. But he now has a bow that crushes the current storyline, and it took him until Chapter 8 to find a better weapon.

Chapter 4 and Chapter 5

The highlight of Chapter 4 is the two displacements in Kaom's Dream and Daresso's Dream. Do not try this trick without sufficient proficiency! Walking through it honestly will likely take less time than getting stuck there.
kaom and daresso
In terms of Skill Tree, Havoc has innovated a little bit. He got a Fire Mastery. The Critical hit no longer applies the ignite effect and increases hit damage by 100%, providing a significant boost. On POB, this phrase can give us 20% extra damage gain. The remaining four phrases in Fire Mastery provide a 35% chance to ignite and a 15% increase in attack speed, which makes them high-quality phrases. When combined with agility, each phrase can result in a 4.6% increase in dealing damage. To compensate for the weak resistance in the plot, you may opt for accuracy and element resistance. And the Blind, when you turn to critical hits, will help you a lot. Of course, in the current state of affairs, it is not recommended that you choose Fire Mastery, as there are much better skills waiting for you in the Skill Tree, such as the Elemental Mastery (25% chance to invert monsters resistant when hit) can bring huge benefits, this skill is far more rewarding than Fire Mastery. Adding an Extra Projectile will give you a lot of damage gain. Take Fire Mastery when you turn to Critical. Overall, after taking all the non-critical bonuses in Skill Tree, Fire Mastery and Blind will be the best improvement, which will be relatively smooth and stable for your gameplay.
fire mastery
The following Chapters were owned by Havoc with the powerful bow and optimized Skill Tree.
There are some recommended adjustments:

  1. Skill: Rain of Arrows + Mirage Archer Support + Elemental Damage with Attacks Support + Trinity Support;
  2. Aura: Herald of Ice + Haste + War Banner
    Magic Power consumption became an unavoidable issue as levels increased. Therefore, take Mana Leech early on, which can effectively alleviate the problem of the lack of Magic Power. In one hour and thirty minutes, Havoc finished Chapter 5 and killed Kitava.

Chapter 6

The first thing you do when you come to Chapter 6 is go back to the hideout and replenish the elemental resistances through the crafting table to get them up to about 75%, and then return to Chapter 6. By this point, you should have enough currency to purchase Lifetap Support, Flame Dash, and Managed Arrows Support from Lilith. Cast when Damage Taken Support and Immortal Call are buyable for reducing the chance of sudden death.
You only need to find three sets of four combos on your equipment to get through the storyline.

  1. Rain of Arrows remains unchanged;
  2. Lifetap Support + Manaforged Arrows Support + Frenzy + Blast Rain;
  3. Manaforged Arrows Support + Lifetap Support + Storm Rain.
    As a bow player, the Skill Tree choices are mostly the same. Lightning Arrow can replace Rain of Arrows for progression. If you have enough mana, disable Herald of Ice and enable Arctic Armour, which can effectively reduce the death rate.
Tsoagoth, The Brine King

The Rest Chapters

Chapter 7, The Chamber of Sins Level 1, unlocks the 6-139 Lightning Damage Craft. Two hours and seventeen minutes, Havoc got his final weapon, the 1.74 attack speed Grove Bow, which comes with 63-114 ice damage, 6-107 lightning damage, and 109 hits.
Havoc has shown us how to deal with Infected Spikers. First, he turned off all his auras, then turned on Arctic Armour and Grace, and tried to keep as much distance as possible between himself and Infected Spiker. Havoc was able to accomplish this task with zero deaths. For the last two Ascendancy, Havoc chose Longshot and +2 Projectile. Havoc then used his damage to crush his way through all 10 Chapters in 3 hours.


The prerequisite of racing through the game is to have a thorough understanding of the game mechanics and gameplay. Havoc has been doing well in Path of Exile racing, and his progression is something we should learn and refer to. With the new version of Poe 3.23, I hope this message can provide a deadeye build template to enhance your gaming experience.