What to do when GDKP is banned in WoW SoD? Alternative Distribution Mechanisms Shared, Offered to Players in a Lost Cause

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The second phase of WoW SoD's updated content is coming soon. However, breaking news from Blizzard announced that GDKP will be banned. This news undoubtedly affected many players. GDKP is currently the most widely used equipment distribution mechanism in the game. With this method being banned, players will need to find a new way to allocate equipment. This article will introduce RDKP, a once-mainstream equipment distribution method.
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Brief Introduction

As more players join WoW, many may be unfamiliar with the terms MS>OS and Soft Reserve. These were once common methods of equipment distribution, still used in some parts of the game. However, they fell out of favor due to leaders who didn't follow the rules and distributed equipment unfairly.
RDKP has been in development for a long time and is no longer just a simple distribution mechanism, contrary to popular belief.
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Distribution rules

  1. The group leader picks up the equipment and announces its details in the chat channel. The group members then roll points, and the equipment is distributed evenly after the entire group is cleared. This ensures that all players continue to clear the level, preventing anyone from quitting after receiving the equipment.
  2. When participating in a team, it is important to use equipment that matches your talent selection. For example, protection talent warriors should not receive equipment meant for dealing damage. It is crucial to inform the leader and teammates of your talent upon joining the team.
  3. Soft Reserve, also known as the SR group, is a system where a player can reserve a piece of equipment before entering a dungeon. The reserved equipment will belong to the player as long as the dungeon drops it. If multiple players have reserved the same item, they will roll to decide who gets it. If a dungeon drops a piece of gear that no one has reserved, follow the same rules as above.
  4. Players may only request one piece of equipment at a time and must relinquish any additional equipment. This is the fundamental requirement for equipment allocation.
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    Specialized websites and plug-ins are available to facilitate this mechanism. Here is a website that I have used for reference by all players: https://softres.it/raid/3hw5de. This website is well-known in Europe and the United States for serving the RDKP. Your scheduled equipment can be displayed in the game through the plug-in. The plugin includes a blacklist function. If equipment reserved for a specific person is not assigned to them, the person who takes the equipment will be added to the blacklist.

SR groups are still present on European and American servers. This distribution mechanism is particularly advantageous for distributing equipment in 10-player dungeons. 20-player dungeons are also available, typically for players who have not yet completed the program.

The current situation of RDKP

Normal roll groups are common in the US. The second most common are SR groups, and lastly, GDKP. SR groups solve the problem of wanting a specific piece of gear so badly that you don't want to compete with anyone else. You can adjust your needs based on your teammates' needs to avoid conflicts. If you see many teammates wishing for the gear you want, you can change your wishing team early to avoid conflicts. Many players close to graduating their gear choose SR groups. These groups have become popular and accepted by many players in recent years. Softres.it, this is a website that assists group leaders who cannot operate it by helping them register the gear they need into the demand table.


Any mechanism will have imperfections. GDKP and RDKP are essentially methods for distributing loot. The RDKP leader can distribute equipment indiscriminately, and the GDKP leader can show favoritism. The quality of the players is what really affects the outcome. Those who follow the rules for equipment allocation are considered normal. If you encounter players who do not play fair, it is best to avoid them. Remember that such players are only a minority. Do not be influenced by public opinion and assume that the majority of players are like them. Buy gold coins or items at Gameusd, If there are any needs in WoW SoD.