WoW Classic SoD Cooking Leveling Guide

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Cooking is one of the three secondary professions in World of Warcraft Classic. It enables players to construct numerous meals with varying benefits, such as faster healing or resource recovery, as well as providing buffs.
This article discusses where to study Cooking during the WoW Classic era, what distinguishes Cooking in SoD Phases 1 and 2, and how to properly level Cooking from 1-300.
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What Makes Cooking in WoW SoD Phase 2 Special?

The Season of Discovery (SoD) in World of Warcraft Classic is separated into multiple phases, the second of which begins on February 8, 2024.
During this phase, the maximum character level is 40, and the level required for Artisan has been raised to 41 (usually 35) for all professions in SoD. This information can already be found in the Trainer menus for gathering professions in SoD.
During Phase 2, the greatest possible Cooking skill level is 225 (Expert). As a result, this phase will not allow you to reach the maximum skill level of 300.
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What Cooking Recipes are Important in SoD Phase 2?

This list comprises the most essential recipes that will be available in SoD Phase 2, as well as recipes that were previously available in Phase 1 but are still being utilized in Phase 2 due to level constraints.
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What Cooking Items Are Required for Waylaid Supplies in SoD P2?

Waylaid Supplies in SoD Phase 2 require the following cooking items:
Rockscale Cod for Waylaid Supplies: Rockscale Cod
● Requires Cooking (175)
● Difficulty: 175 190 210 230
Soothing Turtle Bisque for Waylaid Supplies: Soothing Turtle Bisque
● Requires Cooking (175)
● Difficulty: 175 215 235 255
Spider Sausage for Waylaid Supplies: Spider Sausages
● Requires Cooking (200)
● Difficulty: 200 240 260 280

To accomplish Waylaid Supplies until Honored, you must have the following Cooking items:
Smoked Bear Meat for Waylaid Supplies: Smoked Bear Meat
● Requires Cooking (40)
● Difficulty: 40 80 100 120
Smoked Sagefish for Waylaid Supplies: Smoked Sagefish
● Requires Cooking (80)
● Difficulty: 80 120 140 160
Goblin Deviled Clams for Waylaid Supplies: Goblin Deviled Clams
● Requires Cooking (125)
● Difficulty: 125 165 185 205
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What's Unique About Cooking in WoW SoD Phase 1?

SoD Phase 1 began on November 30, 2023. In phase one, the maximum level is 25. For SoD Phase 1, the Cooking Expert level requirement has been raised to 26 (from 20). This indicates that in Phase 1, the maximum Alchemy skill level is 150 (Journeyman). As a result, Alchemy cannot be advanced to the maximum skill level of 300 during Phase 1.
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Which Cooking Recipes Are Important for SoD Phase 1?

Due to level constraints, not all Cooking recipes can be created in SoD Phase 1. The following list includes the most important recipes accessible in SoD Phase 1.
Heavy Crocolisk Stew
Thistle Tea
Savory Deviate Delight
Smoked Sagefish
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Where Can Players Learn to Cook in WoW Classic?

You can learn Cooking (Apprentice) and Cooking (Journeyman) from any Cooking instructor. These can be found in all capitals and many other places. You can, for example, visit one of the following Cooking trainers to learn the profession:

Horde Cooking Trainers

● Zamja in Orgrimmar (57,53)
● Eunice Burch in Undercity (62,44)
● Aska Mistrunner in Thunder Bluff (51,52)
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Alliance Cooking Trainers

● Stephen Ryback in Stormwind City (77,53)
● Daryl Riknussun in Ironforge (60,36)
● Alegorn in Darnassus (50,36)
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Where to Learn Cooking Expert?

To learn Cooking (Expert), you will need the Expert Cookbook (which costs one gold). You may purchase the item from the following vendors:
Alliance: Shandrina at Mystral Lage in Ashenvale (50,67)
Horde: Wulan in Shadowprey Village in Desolace (26,69)
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Where to Learn Cooking Artisan?

To learn Cooking (Artisan), first finish a quest path. To complete this, your character must be at least level 35 and have a Cooking skill of 225.
Alliance: You receive the quest QuestI Know A Guy... from Daryl Riknussun in Ironforge (60.38).
Horde: You receive the quest QuestTo Gadgetzan You Go! from Zamja in Orgrimmar (57.53).
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These quests will take you to Dirge Quickcleave in Gadgetzan. You will then receive the follow-up task QuestClamlette Surprise from him. To complete this task, you must bring Dirge Quickcleave the following:
12x Giant Egg
10x Zesty Clam Meat
20x Alterac Swiss
After that, you can learn Cooking Artisan.

How to Level Up Cooking in World of Warcraft Classic?

Cooking follows the same rules as all other professions in WoW Classic: You get skill points by completing a specific action. The frequency with which you acquire skill points varies according to your current skill level. Please take note of the following color code for the recipes you create.
Orange: You will always gain skill points.
Yellow: You frequently get skill points.
Green: You rarely get skill points.
Gray: You no longer gain skill points.
How many materials are needed to skill? Cooking in WoW Classic depends on your luck with skill points.

Minimum Required Materials for Leveling Cooking (1-300)

To get Cooking to 300, you'll need at least the following supplies. The actual number varies significantly on your luck when earning skill points (see information above), making it difficult to provide specific information.
● 40x Stringy Wolf Meat or
● 40x Chunk of Boar Meat
● 35x Bear Meat
● 10x Crawler Meat
● 15x Crawler Claw
● 60x Lean Wolf Flank
● 45x Raptor Egg
● 25x Turtle Meat
● 50x White Spider Meat
● 50x Tender Wolf Meat or 50x Giant Egg
● 25x Sandworm Meat
● 25x Mild Spices
● 30x Stormwind Seasoning Herbs
● 45x Hot Spices
● 100x Soothing Spices (or 150, depending on the recipe choice from 225-275)

● 40x Stringy Wolf Meat or 40x Chunk of Boar Meat
● 50x Bear Meat
● 35x Dig Rat
● 50x Lion Meat
● 25x Raptor Flesh
● 50x White Spider Meat
● 50x Tender Wolf Meat or 50x Giant Egg
● 25x Sandworm Meat
● 75x Hot Spices
● 75x Soothing Spices (or 125, depending on the recipe choice from 225-275)

1-75 (Apprentice)

Follow these steps:
1-40: Charred Wolf Meat or Roasted Boar Meat
40-75: Smoked Bear Meat

75-150 (Journeyman)

As a Cooking journeyman, the recipes for leveling Cooking vary across Alliance and Horde. Depending on your faction, follow these steps to level Cooking from 75 to 150 in WoW Classic:


75-85: Crab Cake
85-100: Cooked Crab Claw
100-130: Seasoned Wolf Kabob
130-150: Curiously Tasty Omelet


75-90: Smoked Bear Meat
90-125: Dig Rat Stew
125-150: Hot Lion Chops

150-225 (Expert)

As a Cooking Expert, the recipes for leveling Cooking vary across Alliance and Horde. Depending on your faction, follow these steps to level Cooking from 150 to 225 in WoW Classic:


150-175: Curiously Tasty Omelet
175-200: Soothing Turtle Bisque
200-225: Spider Sausage


150-175: Hot Lion Chops
175-200: Roast Raptor
200-225: Spider Sausage

225-300 (Artisan)

Alliance and Horde now level with the same recipes. To level from 225-300, follow these steps:
225-275: Monster Omelet or Tender Wolf Steak
275-300: Smoked Desert Dumplings
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