WoW SoD Phase 2 Leveling Guide

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The second phase of WoW SoD is about to begin, and players will once again face the challenge of upgrading their characters. Some players prefer to complete quests in the open world to progress through the upgrade phase, while others aim to reach the maximum level quickly to experience the new runes and raids at level 40. This article presents several fast upgrade methods for players to choose from during Phase 2 of WoW SoD.
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sod phase 2
According to the World of Warcraft's experience decay mechanism to calculate, levels 25-40 should be divided into the following stages.

Level 25-28

Like the World of Warcraft major version update, many guides remind players to complete 20 quests before reaching level 40 but do not submit them. This way, you can submit the quests after reaching the level cap to gain experience quickly and get ahead. For instance, if you save 20 elite quests at level 25, along with several quests to turn in props, you can go straight to level 28 or so by turning in those quests.
However, the issue is that this is SoD. To obtain gold in the early stages, many players complete available quests after leveling up. However, some players may find themselves with limited quests or difficult-to-complete quests, making this method ineffective.
sod phase 2
For most players, the best approach is to level up by completing dungeons. At level 25, Alliance players can select Stormwind Stockade, while Horde players can opt for Shadowfang Keep. Both dungeons currently offer numerous opportunities for solo play. For a detailed guide, please refer to Gameusd's previous article by clicking the link provided. If you can handle the monotony of solo play, your leveling efficiency will surpass that of field quests (although prolonged solo play may result in a ban).

Level 28-30

Once you reach level 28, you will face a choice: continue upgrading in the dungeon and risk experiencing decay, or go to Razorfen Kraul.
Going to Razorfen Kraul has numerous benefits. There is no experience decay, and you can complete dungeon quests while obtaining blue-quality equipment that is usable at levels 27-31. The equipment attributes are also excellent. This makes it an excellent backup option for players who have not yet graduated from phase 2 raid.
sod phase 2

Level 30-40

After reaching level 30, focus on the dungeons associated with Scarlet Monastery. This approach offers two advantages: first, there are enough dungeons to level up directly to level 40 without changing maps; second, the experience gained in these dungeons is valuable for leveling up. It is important to note that the content of the improved text remains as close as possible to the source text. The second point is that you should not be afraid of running the dungeons more than once. Scarlet has a total of four dungeons, so you can choose two of them to run and reach level 40. Additionally, do not worry about exceeding the limit of five dungeons per hour by running two dungeons together.
sod phase 2


To go from level 30 to level 31, you need 47,400 experience points. The Scarlet Graveyard provides 5,200 experience points per run, and it takes about 9 runs to level up. To avoid limitations, you can use the Scarlet Graveyard method 5 times and the library method once. A team of 5 people can complete a run in about 8 minutes, so 9 runs will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
sod phase 2


To reach level 34, you need 152,700 experience points. The Scarlet Library can provide 9,600 experience points in a single pass. By using the library 5 times and the graveyard once, you can level up to 34 in about 16 passes. A team of 5 people can complete a pass in approximately 12 minutes, which means it will take about 3 and a half hours to complete 16 passes.
sod phase 2


Level 34 to level 38 needs 260100 experience, and the Scarlet Weaponry can get about 9000 experience, before level 36 to the library, level 36 to the weaponry can be the main, a single time to use about 12 minutes, about 6 hours.


After level 38, go directly to Scarlet Monastery, single experience is 13000, time consumed is about 20 minutes, level 38 to level 39 need 76,100 experience points, pass a few times to reach level 39.
After level 39, you will also face 2 choices, the first one is to continue to upgrade in Scarlet Monastery, get the blue equipment here, and reach the full level; the second one is to choose Razorfen Downs, complete the quests and get the relevant blue quality equipment, there are a large number of 39-40 level of the best equipment, after level 40, it is also necessary to come to the Razorfen Downs to get the blue equipment. Razorfen Downs is a wise choice to upgrade and get equipment at the same time.
sod phase 2
Start clearing new quests after full leveling. In this way, you can acquire plenty of gold, and if you accidentally finish some quests early, you can go to Gameusd to buy WoW SoD gold. And, because you are doing the low-level quests after acquiring high-level equipment, the efficiency will be higher.


Above is the quick upgrade route for levels 25-40, players who have enough time to play the game can reach a full level within a day and quickly play the brand-new content of Phase 2. If you encounter any problems in the game, please go to Gameusd to buy related services to protect your gaming experience.