Speculation on the Phase 3 Raid for World of Warcraft Season of Discovery

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As we approach the beginning of March, the second phase of WoW Classic SoD is operating smoothly. Gnomeregan, which had a low presence in the past, has been modified into a ten-player raid to provide players with new content and experiences. The historical events that led to the entire gnome race moving their families have been further explained. After completing the gear collection process and losing interest in it, the subsequent phases need to be announced. Recently, there has been a lot of news about the third phase of WoW Classic SoD.
wow sod raid
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WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Player Reviews

Blizzard's ability to innovate is admirable. In Phase 1, they completed the remake of Blackfathom Deeps. In Phase 2, they chose Gnomeregan as the core raid, making it more convenient for both Alliance and Horde players to reach. This is in contrast to Razorfen Kraul, which is located in the middle of nowhere. WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 lacks innovation and randomness in its content due to the setting and limitations of the dungeons.
wow sod raid
Gnomeregan raid's environment is also disliked by players. The map is crowded with mechanical monsters that are immune to everything except unconsciousness. This makes it difficult to navigate the raid, and the low equipment output combined with the high monster density can make the gameplay experience frustrating for many players.

WoW Classic SoD Phase 3 Raid

Blizzard plans to follow the pattern of releasing one phase every 10 levels, as previously announced and requested by players. WoW Classic SoD currently has a level cap of 40, leaving only 20 levels until the full level 60 experience. This means that there will be two more phases. The most exciting stage will undoubtedly be the level 60 stage. However, phase 3 raids are crucial as a building block. Based on the first two stages of raids, it is expected that the third stage will likely be Maraudon or the Temple of Atal'Hakkar. Blackrock Depths, which many players anticipate, cannot be included due to the large level span and the need to add too much information. Adding such information would require an extensive amount of work, making it impractical.
wow sod raid

General Introduction

According to recent news, the Temple of Atal'Hakkar has been added to Blizzard's development plan. It will have a three-day pass cooldown and follow Blackfathom Deeps and Gnomeregan as the next raid. This will likely be the first twenty-player raid to go live in the Plus version. And there are several reasons for that:
wow sod raid

Plenty of Room for 20 Players to Fight

World of Warcraft players should know that the Temple of Atal'Hakkar is spacious enough for a twenty-player raid. The green dragon area on the middle level and the pool area on the lower level are both very spacious, and most scenarios can accommodate twenty people fighting simultaneously. Though the upper staircase turn can be narrow. KKSOT - 5% OFF
wow sod raid

Reasonable location, and easy access for players from both camps

Due to the single route to get there, the waterfall area in Maraudon is often crowded with players. Maraudon is not eligible for upgrading into a raid due to spatial restrictions. Additionally, it is located in a remote corner of Swamp of Sorrows and is not involved in the main storyline or quests for Alliance and Horde players. Only a few professions require players to visit this location for their level 50 quests. Maraudon is an unlikely place for a raid due to the reasons mentioned above.
wow sod raid

Incomplete Plot, Players Look Forward to Completion

Additionally, players are looking forward to the completion and improvement of the plot. Currently, the plot of the green dragon in the level 60 version is incomplete and abrupt, lacking a clear and reasonable story. Despite the subsequent addition of the 4 Green Dragon bosses, the overall plot integrity remains dismal. The planners added plot content to the first and second phases of the raid. If the third phase is guessed correctly, the Green Dragon will complete a perfect story. This is good news for many players.
wow sod raid

A Wide Variety of Gear with Comprehensive Features for Transitioning

Obtaining a wide variety of gear with comprehensive features for transitioning will be much more difficult in the future level 60 stages than it is now in the existing ones. In this case, the few high-quality purple equipment from the previous stage are particularly important. They can play a considerable role in the transition period. For example, in the year of the Heather Ring, Raider Twin Blades, etc., there is a lot of equipment in the Temple of Atal'Hakkar that meets this condition. Additionally, the Temple of Atal'Hakkar map is quite complex, and the overall difficulty is not low, hope players can have a good gaming experience in the third stage.
wow sod raid


Phase 1 and 2 of the WoW SoD raids have presented players with a new challenge, but some areas could be improved. With the release of the new stage, Blizzard is working to address these issues and provide the best possible gaming experience for players. The upcoming third phase of the raid is highly anticipated.