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No one would miss out on Aion Classic if there is a “The Most Classic MMORPG Contest”. The Aion classic server is literally what its developer NCSOFT calls it – a permanent legacy. It sets back to an old land historic Atreia, but also brings you new events and storylines. For any players who enjoy the original Aion gameplay, a classic server is the place to go. But as many old Aion players were talking, Aion Classic can be felt like a pay-to-win game. The later phase of Aion becomes hard and grinds to progress. The economic system starts to get difficult when you proceed – your need for Kinah is increasing massively while farming them is as hard and time-consuming as the beginning. While instead of paying expensively in the game, you can purchase some cheap Aion Classic Kinah at GameUSD. Here we offer Kinah from real Aion Classic players with 100% safety and fast delivery. Since we can hardly break away from paying to win, why not pay less here?

Safe and fast-delivered Kinah for both Asmodian and Eylos server

GameUSD is not selling in-game currencies by exploiting any bug or manipulating any code. We are offering a digital marketplace for real Aion Classic players to trade Kinah. Here you will find cheap Kinah for both Asmodian and Eylos servers. Both are 100% safe and real, with no risk of account suspension or ban at all.

How to buy Aion Classic Kinah at GameUSD

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Why is Kinah so important for Aion Classic

As the primary in-game currency for Aion, Kinah is one of the essentials in the game. Kinah can be used to buy almost all items – weapons, gears, mounts, supplies, consumables, etc. Also, if you are hoping to trade player-to-player for items or characters, you need to pay through Kinah. Most players earn Kinah in the game by completing system tasks & quests, killing monsters, or trade with other players. Many are buying Aion Classic Kinah to avoid endless farming.