Astral Tale


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Astral Tale, a free-to-play anime MMORPG developed and published by X-Legend, tells the story of Marisa and Amaris. In Astral Tale, adventurers will dive into a world teeming with life and challenging PvP and PvE combat. The game's mobile housing system offers each player a customizable home base - the "Terracottage" - that can be progressively upgraded as they make their way through the game. Not only do Terracottages roam swiftly through the central continent, they can also be equipped with tools for developing player professions and crafting, such as a greenhouse, cooking station, alchemy lab, and more. And along the game progresses, currencies (especially Gold) become the keys to having a great gaming experience in the later game phase. All the above gameplays require gold coins. Farming is a boring and endless process, buying Gold could be a good choice.

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2 types of currencies in Astral Tale (Twin Saga) and why gold is the most important

The economy system in Astral Tale (Twin Saga) is less complicated than in other MMORPGs. There are just 2 main currencies in the game - gold, and vigor. Vigor is used to buy skins and only can be obtained by topping up. The most commonly used currency in Astral Tale (Twin Saga) is gold - most of the gameplay is tied to gold coins, even merchants and player-to-player trade in the game only accept gold.

Why need gold in Astral Tale (Twin Saga)

Buying equipment is an essential way to power up, and most merchants in the game only accept gold.
Another important part to power up is minions. Normal minions are less powerful than rare ones. If you want some better minions, you have to purchase them by gold in the auction house.
A famous feature of Astral Tale (Twin Saga) is changing your classes freely. That’s to say you need to prepare many types of equipment, talents, minions, and gems, all of these are equal to gold.

How to farm gold in Astral Tale (Twin Saga)

Sell equipment

The main way to farm gold in Astral Tale (Twin Saga) is by selling equipment. There are several ways to get them, killing monsters, opening treasure boxes, and defeating dungeon bosses.

Gathering and crafting

Selling items from gathering and crafting.
Same as other MMORPG games, gathering and crafting are essential factors. Items produced by the two classes are widely used in various scenarios in the game. It’s another main way to farm gold by selling these items when your gathering and crafting reach a certain level or related equipment is well enough (which requires gold in advance). You need to farm or buy Astral Tale (Twin Saga) gold in the early game to proceed.

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About Astral Tale (Twin Saga)

Astral Tale is a classic Japanese MMORPG game, and innovatively introduced the function of free switching classes. In addition to the intense and exciting PvP and PvE, casual gameplay is an indispensable part of Astral Tale - “try a slew of enjoyable activities like fishing, gathering, and cooking. Take on challenges, set records, create exquisite dishes, and become a master of your professions.”

You may obtain an awful gaming experience of Astral Tale (Twin Saga) if you are not good at or don’t have enough time in farming gold coins. Buy Astral Tale (Twin Saga) gold coins at Gameusd to help yourself enjoy the game!