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Every player who set his feet on the after-apocalypse land of Nevareth found Cabal Online quite addictive. Though it’s a very old MMORPG released back in 2015, many of us still log onto it and continue our adventure to defend Cabal land every day. ESTsoft has designed and developed this game to be long-lasting. The classic gameplay of Cabal Online ensures that players are always dependent on their economic systems. No matter whether you are a wizard or a warrior, Alz is always critical in every battle against evil creatures. Now if you are tired of farming Cabal gold (Alz) slowly in the game, GameUSD is offering cheap Alz from real EU & NA players to purchase. Now boost your character and game phase by getting rich in Cabal!

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Like any online multiplayer MMORPG, Cabal is fighting in-game currencies from questionable sources. GameUSD is not selling Cabal Alz through modifying any code or utilizing any programming vulnerabilities. We are offering a marketplace for real Cabal Online players to trade their Alz. Every gold here is farmed in the game and is 100% safe from account banning.

About Cabal Online – why Alz is always essential for its gameplay

When Cabal Online was first released in 2005, MMORPG players were surprised by it being a 3D third-person perspective and being so massive and interactive. Players can choose among 6 professions – warrior, wizard, blader, force archer, force shielder, and force blader. Everyone on the continent is fighting evil creatures invading the after-apocalypse land. And everyone is farming, completing quests, and killing monsters to collect Alz (many of those won’t drop much gold though). You will need Alz for weapons, gears, and potions. Some rich players, also spend a huge amount of Alz to join current events. No matter whether you are concentrating on leveling up or stacking up resources, it all comes to money in the end.

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