Sell Final Fantasy XIV Gil on GameUSD

Gil plays an essential role in FFXIV, as currency does in every MMO. Gil will accompany you throughout all your gameplay actions, buying mounts, using teleport, repairing equipment, buying houses, etc. All of these actions require large amounts of Gil. Even combat-focused players are dependent on Gil. They need to purchase the fundamental equipment and consumables in Gil to enter raids. You can earn FFXIV Gil on your own, but we still recommend buying Gil through our website to get items needed to meet daily requirements in your gameplay action, because farming Gil in FFXIV is a rather tedious process.

Why should you buy the Gil on GameUSD?

GameUSD is one of the earliest websites to trade game currencies. Based on the professional team, you can get tons of safe Gil from us. And we also know what the players want: the lowest price, the fastest delivery, and the safest Gil. GameUSD has done the best in all those areas. According to the average price, we change our prices to keep them the lowest, and we never give up on looking for much better suppliers to keep us able to deliver Gil quickly and safely. No more hesitate, just choose us!

Is it safe to buy Gil on GameUSD?

Of course, all of our Gil comes from pure players who major in crafting and gathering, which means that our Gil acquisition is strictly formal and by the Square Enix user Agreement. At the same time, the characters we use for delivering are roles under highly active accounts, rather than accounts that have not been logged in for a long time. And during the in-game trading process, we will not mention any information about RMT, to ensure that the Gil of the transaction is safe. With reliable sources and trading processes, GameUSD is trustworthy.

How to earn FFXIV Gil fast?

There are several ways to make Gil in FFXIV.

  1. Sell materials you gathered or obtained in some ways through means of combat/airship and so on.
  2. Sell items that you have crafted.
  3. Lastly and most difficult is to sell content by means of taking another player into a hard fight, then they are paying you for the clear/farm to obtain titles or gear.

Being a crafting or gathering professional is one of the best ways to make Gil. And being a combat-focused player is also a fantasy way to get Gil. Unquestionably crafting or gathering is much more efficient than combating. But it still costs you a long time to farm FFXIV Gil. Hence, if you want to skip this pointless and time-consuming progress, buy FF14 Gil from us right now!

How do we deliver the Gil?

We support the mainstream Gil trade methods in FFXIV, face-to-face transactions, mailing in the same area, and housing model transactions. If you buy a large amount of Gil, face-to-face transactions have a limit of one million per time, so we recommend housing model transactions. Of course, depending on your needs, no matter what the order price is, we can support all possible trading ways. And, regardless of the transaction methods, we will trade Gil into your account as quickly as possible. GameUSD has been in the game trading industry for many years, and you can trust us for security and delivery efficiency.


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