Maple Story SEA


Buy Mesos for Maple Story (SEA)

Most MapleStory players first knew and played this game back when they were still children. After many years, when we came back to it and found this game still live and constantly updating, it sparked so many memories. Maple Story kept many features of its initial versions (like real-time multiplayer and RPG) but also changed some of its gameplay. Now most players won’t be adventuring the lands and maps for too long. The core of the game has become progression (completing quests, leveling up, and skill developing) and boss fighting. Well, that means in-game currencies are becoming more and more important if you wish to proceed to the endgame. Now different game developers and publishers are running different localized versions of Maple Story, and recharging Mesos for the game can be expensive and troublesome in situations. GameUSD is offering cheap Mesos for the Maple Story SEA region to help you save trouble.

About Maple Story and why is Mesos so important for it

The official Maple Story website is calling this game “the original side-scrolling MMORPG”. It was first released in April 2003 by Wizet and then had local versions for different countries and regions, published by different companies. It attracted players for its several professions and classes, each came with a unique experience. You will be able to be a wizard, swordsman, and other 13 characters. Each map would have one or more bosses to fight and unlock the next map.

Another important feature of Maple Story is that players can interact with each other in many ways – playing mini-games, having conversations, and trading items. Apart from killing monsters and bosses, this is the best way to get Mesos and other items for game progression. And that’s how GameUSD works too. We are offering a trading marketplace for players to buy and sell Maple Story Mesos at a cheap price and more efficient way.