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Finally, unlike any other action RPG, an online game called Path of Exile is not ruled by gold or coins! Oh, wait, you still need other currencies to win the game. Even so, POE is still loved by many players for its innovations. Grinding Gear Games has made Path of Exile last for over 10 years from its release. New players go to this fantasy land of darkness every day, exploring, adventuring, and combating with other players from all over the world. Daily progression in POE’s open world is about completing quests, gaining strength, and exploring the land along the way. Yes, players receive and spend Orbs (POE currency) when doing all those. But if you are having trouble killing monsters or have nothing to trade for currency items, buying some POE Orbs will help. GameUSD is building an in-game currency trading platform for you to buy POE currency from real players.

All 3 common PoE currencies for all servers on PC

Standard, Ruthless, Hardcore, Crucible, etc. Name any Path of Exile region or server. GameUSD has been running the digital marketplace for over 15 years and thousands of players are selling their hand-farmed POE Orbs here. It means we have unlimited stock of all 3 common Orbs used in player trading, all 100% safe. Find Chaos, Divine, and Exalted Orbs for the cheapest price and fastest delivery!

PoE Chaos Orbs

Chaos Orb is one of the common trading currencies between players. It is designed to re-roll random modifiers on rare equipment. Chaos orbs can be dropped by killing monsters in the game.

PoE Divine Orbs

Divine orbs, like Chaos orbs, are used to e-roll the values of random explicit modifiers on equipment. While Divine Orb is probably the rarest currency to come by, mostly through leveling up paths or vendor recipes.

PoE Exalted Orbs

Exalted Orb is among the three most used trading items between players (the other two being the Chaos Orbs and Mirror of Kalandra). It can be obtained exactly like Divine orbs – by leveling up path or vendor recipes.

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