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"Ships" is the general term for both space/atmospheric spacecraft and ground-based vehicles that any citizen can own, operate, and crew. And they are the central means of transportation, activity, adventure, and combat in Star Citizen. Each ship is a self-contained vehicle with a cockpit, engines, and a role to play in the larger "verse," from simple cargo transporters like the Hull A to massive crewed carriers like the Bengal. Whether in space or on the surface of a planet, ships provide opportunities to earn credits in both friendly and hostile ways.

To enhance the gameplay experience, players must acquire different types of ships. However, most fully-featured ships are too rare to obtain. Buying Star Citizen ships at Gameusd will be a better choice. Get maximum enjoyment with minimum time expenditure.

How to get ships in Star Citizen and why players need to buy ships

There are three primary methods for obtaining Star Citizen ships:

  1. The in-game currency (aUEC), earned from in-game activities such as Mining and Cargo hauling, can be used to purchase ships. You can buy Star Citizen aUEC at Gameusd to buy your favorite in-game ships.
  2. Use real cash to buy Pledges. Pledge ships can be bought as standalone purchases, as ship upgrades, or with game packages. Pledges are permanently linked to your Star Citizen account. These purchases contribute to the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42.
  3. Gameusd offers a variety of Star Citizen ships for purchase. Although all ships will be earnable in-game upon release, some ships may be time/quantity-limited or difficult to obtain. As a result, players may need to spend real money to acquire them.

Set by CIG, ships have different availability for various reasons:
Always available - Common
Time-limited - Uncommon ships - put on sale from time to time.
Quantity-limited - Rare ships - Batches of ships offered for short periods.
Promotion only - Only purchasable through promotion offers
Not available - Certain alien or military-exclusive ships.

Usually, ships that are limited by time or quantity are more powerful than those that are always available. If you need these ships to power up, purchasing them from Gameusd could be an option.

15 types of ships in Star Citizen


Starter ships are inexpensive and versatile vessels used by new Citizens to begin exploring the universe. They usually have a small cross-section and are equipped with a single seat. These ships are commonly found throughout the universe.


Exploration crafts are equipped with powerful sensor suites, larger fuel tanks, and other unique components and upgrades to facilitate the charting of new frontiers and the making of grand discoveries. These ships are crewed by explorers who venture into the uncharted and perilous depths of space, boldly navigating recently discovered jump points in search of new systems.


Every settlement, station, and ship requires supplies and goods to function. This includes essential jump fuel as well as luxurious leather couches. Cargo ships are owned and operated by merchants, traders, and transporters who seek to deliver these goods for the highest profit, using large cargo holds and improved engines to haul as much cargo as possible.


Combat ships are designed to intercept, outmaneuver, and disable or destroy targeted ships. They are equipped with weapons and power plants for maximum combat efficiency and have small or non-existent cargo holds and accessories. Combat ships are categorized into different roles based on their specific combat functions.


Fighters are combat ships designed for one or two individuals, often equipped with forward-facing weapons and focused on taking down other ships of similar size. They can be found throughout the universe, whether as bounty hunters or as part of the front line of a capital ship battle.


Bombers carry a significant amount of torpedoes and/or other heavy ordnance for tactical and strategic strikes against larger targets.

Combat utility ships

Combat utility ships are small vessels equipped with support gear, radar, non-lethal weapons, or other specialized equipment. They take on a role beyond simply destroying enemy targets; usually used to support squadrons or fleets with their abilities.


Corvettes are large ships that are almost as capable as capital ships. They require a crew larger than that of fighters but smaller than that of a full capital ship. These ships serve as support vessels to capitals in large fleets or as flagships of small fleets or militias. They are generally designed for the UEE Navy, with many models having "civilian" versions for sale to the general public.

Capital ships

Capital ships are larger and heavier than fighters, and they carry more crew. Crewed ships can be general combat ships or specialize in a specific role. Heavier combat ships are often part of the UEE Navy and may not be available to citizens.


Mining ships extract raw materials from asteroids in space and rocks on planetary surfaces. Their design is fully focused on this goal, so they are usually not well-armed or armored.


These ships are designed to recover materials from space debris and abandoned vessels. They accomplish this by pulverizing the debris into small pieces that can be sorted and melted down for recycling.


Racing ships are unmatched in speed and maneuverability due to their oversized engines and power plants, which come at the expense of other components. These sleek ships are often lightly armed and lack cargo holds, allowing them to fly at breathtaking speeds around the race course. Winning the Murray Cup is a dream for many racers.


These ships often have unique roles in the universe, fulfilling niche needs without significant competition. Some of these specialized roles include passenger transportation or scientific research. Other ships may be customized to fulfill these roles to a lesser degree.


Multi-role ships are versatile and modular, allowing them to effectively accomplish more than one task. While they may not be the best at any one specific role, they are like Swiss Army knives in their ability to fulfill multiple roles. For instance, the Avenger Titan advanced starter ship has a large cargo grid, strong weaponry, and habitation space, making it suitable for hauling, combat, and living away from the port. Modular ships perform specific roles through different levels of reconfiguration, effectively transforming into specialized ships while configured as such.

Alien ships

Additionally, many alien ships exist in the universe, but most are not flyable by humans without serious modification. Replica crafts, designed and fitted by humans and some alien manufacturers for use by Citizens, are included in the above tables.

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