How to Farm Chaos Orbs in Path of Exile in the Early Stage of a New Season?

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Chaos Orb is the primary trading currency in Path of Exile. At the start of each season, its price is usually high. As we get closer and closer to the next season of Path of Exile, learning how to earn Chaos Orb quickly in the early stages is becoming very crucial. While many players actively seek out Chaos Orbs at the beginning of each season, are you still relying on random drops from monsters? This article will teach you some quick ways to obtain Chaos Orbs.

Brief Introduction of Chaos Orb

In Path of Exile, players use Chaos Orbs as currency for trading. Players can buy most of the early-stage legendary equipment with Chaos Orbs in the game. Additionally, players can use Chaos Orbs to exchange for Divine Orbs at market price. It's common to see players do the exchange actions on the game's world channel. As the most basic trading currency, what are the ways to get Chaos Orb? In the following section, we will introduce you to the methods of obtaining Chaos Orb only for the beginning of each season. The acquisition method is simple, but in the early progression, you need a good set of Build with enough combat ability to help you acquire Chaos Orb more efficiently and maximize the benefits. Righteous Fire is a wise choice for most players looking to gain power quickly at the start of a new season. Next is the details of how to obtain it.

Recipe Trading with NPCs

In Path of Exile, selling certain combinations of items to NPCs can unlock hidden recipes and grant players access to various items. For instance, trading a Red Skill Gem and an Iron Ring to an NPC will yield a Ruby Ring. These recipes can expedite the acquisition of specific items and even provide a means of obtaining Chaos Orbs. New players can find necessary recipes on While new seasons may introduce unique hidden recipes, players can follow forums for the latest news to get recipes to earn chaos orbs more easily and quickly.
PoE recipe

Selling Equipment Sets to NPCs

After completing the plot quests and entering Otherworldly, players can obtain a large number of gold-quality equipment by killing monsters. While new players may initially believe that gold-quality equipment is a precious treasure, they will soon realize that these items are not worth much. However, these equipments can be valuable if they are leveled between 60-74. To view item levels in-game, hold down the "alt" key. Selling a set of unverified gold-quality equipment can earn you two Chaos Orbs. There are two ways to sell a set of equipment: as a two-handed set or a dual-wielded set. A two-handed set includes a two-handed weapon, a helmet, gloves, shoes, a dress, a belt, a necklace, and two rings. The distinction between a dual-wielded weapon set and this one is that the weapon part is a combination of a one-handed weapon and a shield or two one-handed weapons. To earn Chaos Orb using this method, you will need many large warehouse pages. Utilize the Guild Warehouse to categorize and store the equipment you acquire, making it easy to form sets to sell.

Selling Set Parts to Other Players

Obtaining the jewelry from the set can be more challenging compared to acquiring other equipment in Otherworldly. Typically, weapons and armor are the most common items obtained. As a result, some players may accumulate a large inventory of weapons and armor early in the game and then sell them to NPCs for Chaos Orbs after finding other players to buy the jewelry. This strategy is suitable for playstyles that involve repeatedly attacking dungeons. If you enjoy the seasonal content and frequently explore the new dungeon, you will acquire a significant amount of jewelry. You may choose to sell the jewelry to other players or trade it for weapons and armor.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

This method should be used once a player reaches level 40 and has purchased a market stall. In the early stages of the game, when supplies are scarce, you can sell any general merchandise and equipment you acquire at a lower price to quickly accumulate Chaos Orbs. Refer to the prices of relevant items and equipment in the bazaar for the exact selling price, and then sell them slightly cheaper than the market price. At the start of the game, these items are in high demand. Players can take advantage of this time to earn Chaos Orbs.


Chaos Orb is the primary currency in Path of Exile and is frequently used in the game. Due to the seasonal nature of the game, Chaos Orb remains in steady demand for an extended period. Players seeking to profit from this should monitor its availability each time a new season begins. As everyone starts from scratch in a new season, the high demand for Chaos Orb makes it valuable. Take advantage of this opportunity to earn enough Chaos Orb! Buy Path of Exile gold coins and items at Gameusd, if you have any needs.