How to Farm Gold in New World?

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Start-up Capital

What steps can we take to obtain the start-up capital? In New World, NPCs do not buy items from players. Therefore, we can either store, discard, or sell items to other players. Trading with other players can be done through the Auction House, face-to-face transactions, or by mail. Equipment obtained in New World's dungeons is bound and cannot be sold. Understanding the game's trading mechanics is crucial to identifying players' needs and optimizing gold farming in the New World. The game's core gameplay revolves around lifestyle professions such as manufacturing, enchanting, and gem cutting, which also include final graduation equipment, house furniture, and more. The higher the life skill level, the easier it is to earn gold.
New World

How to Get Start-up Capital

Collecting all materials encountered and storing them is essential during the procession. When we reach Angler in our main quest, there will be an abundance of fibers to collect on the map. It should only take half an hour to gather enough materials to reach level 30. Some players may get stuck on the magical plant of the main quest, where a level 30 gathering ability is required to progress. This location is also ideal for farming gold by gathering magical plants to sell on Auction-House or craft gems later in the game. Another way to farm gold is by crafting level 20 t3 green household items. Above all is the source of your start-up capital.
magical plant

Guide for Farming Gold

Once you reach level 40, further upgrades are unnecessary. Instead, focus on farming gold through forging, mystery, furniture, and cooking.


After reaching level 25 of the mining, use your level 30 gathering ability to farm gold. There is no need for additional skills or abilities. Most of the materials consumed in New World are low-level, so leveling up your mining doesn't require much time. A mining level of 25 is sufficient to meet the current needs of the game.
Iron ore is high value and is needed for almost all manufacturing purposes. It is typically found in the mountains or halfway.
Most players are likely aware that fishing maps contain a significant amount of fiber. Skinning locations are primarily found in the Wolf Mountains near major cities, with two to three collection points in each mountain, allowing players to collect ore while skinning. Logging is the simplest, as players can cut down trees for supplies as long as they are available.
Each main city has an independent in-game auction house. If you wish to sell materials, it is advisable to compare prices in multiple cities.

The Way to Farm Gold in the Early Stages

1.To earn gold quickly, consider selling unprocessed raw materials.
2.Another option is to become a tailor and create backpacks and advanced tools. Don't choose the forging class as equipment is easily obtained in the New World and the profit margin for iron forging is low. Tailoring is recommended for gloves and shoes, while tools are recommended for bows.
3.Additionally, consider cooking. Plants are the raw materials for cooking and can mostly be obtained. When encountering farms, players should ensure they collect all harvestable items. Spices are mainly produced from lavender bushes.



Here are ways I consider myself more efficient.
1.Manufacture jewelry. To ensure sufficient materials, break down jewelry to obtain gems, and cut it to get extra gems.
2.Once you have enough gold, buy a house and use the house teleportation to save money. Saving money is making money.


These are some easy ways to earn gold in the New World. If you need a lot of gold, buy it from Gameusd, which offers various New World services to enhance your gaming experience!