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As the first online multiplayer game made and published by Amazon Games Orange County, New World brought quite a surprise to many of us. This open-world MMO is literally a “new world in old age” for many who are into role-playing MMOs. It’s about adventure, survival, competition & friendship (with real players from all over the world) in a supernatural land back in the 17th century. Many gaming systems of the New World were innovative (especially the fighting system and economy system). Its adaption of real-time combat and a real-time physics engine brings unique fighting styles and real physical interactions. Meanwhile, the economy system is fun enough to keep you engaged even out of battles.

But as all MMOs go, farming New World coins in the game is time-consuming, boring, and repetitive at some point. Meanwhile, its unique tax system (heavy as it is in the real world) requires a huge amount of in-game currencies. If you are looking for ways to stack up your gold coins in the New World. We are offering a player-to-player marketplace to let you buy New World coins for a cheap price. It's time to say goodbye to endless New World coin farming.

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GameUSD is offering New World coins for AP, EU, SA, US-East, and US-West regions, and all servers that go with it. Buy New World gold coins for Delos, Sutech, Aaru, Abaton, or any server you are in.

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Buying New World currency at GameUSD digital marketplace is more than just a “pick and go”. We enhanced security by always providing gold and coins from reliable sources (like real players) and providing 24/7 customer support even after the sale. Hundreds of New World players had paced up their gaming progression and no one’s account was suspected or banned in any way. Enjoy a safe and fast New World coin delivery and go rule that land of supernature!

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How to Buy New World Gold?

-Browse through our New World coin list.

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After you receive your New World gold, maybe leave a comment on our website :)

Why are coins essential for New World and where do players need it

Well, when we talk about online role-playing MMOs, it always comes down to gold and coins. In New World, players compete with their fighting skills and gold in their pockets. Gears, weapons, taxes, etc. You won’t be able to make a single step in New World with an empty pocket. The economic system is one of the foundations of this game.


Consumables are basic in any fighting or adventure in the New World. You need potions, bandages, shock extractors, medicine for disease, etc. And, you know, the grocery owners never give you any discounts.


This new world is like an old world, at least in how you pay taxes. Players are paying heavily for owning properties (and in a routine).

Equipment repairs

Repairing your equipment usually costs heavily in the New World. Plus you need to respect the weapon master after lv. 20.


Even if you keep housing your in-game character in the cheapest houses, that’s still 5000 coins at least.

If you’re looking to concentrate on fights and adventures or need some urgent coins in the game. Check the lists and be rich in the New World now.

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