New World Guide for Greenhand

 Author:  Gameusd

New World is a sandbox MMO developed by Amazon. The game is set on a supernatural fantasy island and focuses on survival, combat, and socialization. You can download the game on the Steam platform. Currently, the forum is becoming increasingly active. Based on other players' gaming experience, I have created a beginner's guide to help you navigate the game more efficiently, avoid unnecessary detours, and enjoy the game more.


There are no mandatory tasks or objectives in the game. New World offers a variety of sandbox open-world and MMO content, including traveling, gathering, adventuring, fishing, PVP, socializing, and unions. The game is well-optimized with low configuration requirements.

Basic Preparation

Game Platform

Steam platform, support for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and other Latin languages

Server Distribution


Server Selection

There are dozens to over a hundred servers in each region. Be aware that some servers with a large amount of players are locked and cannot create new characters.


Steam allows you to create two characters in each region, but each server is limited to one character.

Creating a new character

Creating a new character consists of gender selection and facial molding, with a short tutorial of about 2 minutes after entering the game.

Basic Controls

W, A, S, and D directional controls, E to interact, right mouse button to block, left SHIFT to roll, Z to get down, and C to crouch.
Your assigned character will randomly play on one of the four newbie maps (levels 1-25).
If you are playing with a friend, please note that you may be born to different newbie maps. If you are not together at the beginning, you must complete the main quest in the newbie village, which takes about 15-20 minutes, before you can meet up.


Five armor grids: one each of helmet, breastplate, pants, gloves, and shoes;
Three jewelry grids: one each for necklace, ring, and earrings;
Three backpack compartments: one backpack to add weight for quests;
One shield compartment: Any character can equip a shield;
Two weapon compartments: you can choose two different weapons axe, hammer, sword, spear, dagger, mace, bow, gun, gloves, and a total of 11 weapons. Only one weapon is available at the same time, but you can press 1 or 2 to switch between them, and different weapons will bring you different skills.
Two ammo compartments: arrows and bullets;
Four consumable compartments: food, potions, and other consumables;
Six gathering tools: scythes, axes, fishing rods, etc;

Experience and Quests

New World currently has a level cap of 60. You can gain experience by completing quests, fighting monsters, gathering, or crafting.
Quests reward several hundred to over ten thousand experience points depending on their level and difficulty;
Fighting monsters rewards 10-80 experience points based on their level, with no level suppression, meaning any level will receive the same amount of experience from fighting the same monsters;
Collectibles are divided into three types: large, medium, and small. Gathering them rewards the player with gathering skill experience and character experience points of 5, 10, and 15;
Crafting also rewards character experience every time the player upgrades, with rewards ranging from 50 to 1000 character experience points for upgrading from level 0 to level 200;
Small cracks reward about 60 experience points, while large cracks reward 100 points.
The quests include several categories, such as mainline quests, specialty side quests, regional side quests, territory quests, covenant quests, and covenant PVP quests. The overall difficulty is not too high.
In-game breaks will accumulate double experience, which can be used for any form of experience gained.

Advice on Upgrading in the Early Stages

Many features in the game are related to the character level, and it is a common choice to upgrade quickly at the beginning to unlock the game content. The upgrade suggestions at the beginning of the game are as follows for reference:
Take advantage of the collection and manufacturing classes of the early stage of rapid upgrading characteristics;
The early territorial tasks and covenant tasks are relatively easy to complete, as far as possible in the completion of missions with the task, to improve leveling efficiency;
Death will clear all PVP quests, including those already completed, so do not choose PVP.

Occupation and Duties

Occupation and Attribute Points

In New World, there is no clear division of occupations. Instead, all characters have five attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution, each with five points.
Players gain three attribute points per level before level 40 and four points after level 40. At level 60, players will have gained 184 attribute points.
Resetting Attribute points is free before reaching level 20. After level 20, resetting attribute points requires the consumption of gold coins. The cost is initially low, only a few gold coins, but after level 60, it increases to 500 gold coins per reset. Despite the increase in cost, the amount of gold coins rewarded by later quests makes the price of resetting attribute points still low.
Players can acquire attribute points through weapons, equipment, and talents. For instance, a set of level 60 T5 equipment consists of 5 pieces of armor and 3 pieces of jewelry, totaling 196 attribute points. Additionally, the main and secondary weapons each provide 25 attribute points.
Continuously investing attribute points in a specific attribute will result in bonus attributes at 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300 points, respectively.

Common Attribute-Adding Methods

Players still in the stage of frequently changing equipment: upgrade attribute points totaling 184 points, at least 150 points in HP, the remaining points into their own needs of the weapon attributes;
Full-grade equipment molding allows you to choose single physical attributes for your armor and accessories. By upgrading attribute points invested in the corresponding equipment and weapons, you can gain up to 200 points of physical strength. You can reset the attribute points for only 500 gold coins.

Career Skill-Adding Method

In New World, character skills are tied to the currently equipped weapon, which has a corresponding talent tree.
Experience is gained for both the character and the weapon talent tree when dealing damage to a monster.
If multiple weapons are used to deal damage, the experience is split equally between them regardless of the amount of damage dealt.
The talent tree is upgraded by gaining experience. Each level grants 1 talent point, and the maximum level of 20 allows for 19 talent points. Players can add points to the talent tree according to their needs and can also reset it freely.
After reaching the full level of the weapon skill, players no longer gain experience but can still participate in experience sharing. It is recommended to upgrade the weapon skill in low-level elite camps.
For instance, in Monarch's Bluff, near the level 25 elite camp, there is a monster with approximately 100-130 weapon experience points that is both safe and efficient to defeat.


In the game, there are no general trading or repair stores. Instead, players must collect, craft, and trade equipment and materials.
The main commodities are Coin, Repair Parts, and Azoth.


The coin is used for trading with other players in the Trading Post, buying houses, paying taxes, and so on.

Repair Parts

It is obtained by breaking down equipment and is used to repair damaged equipment and make a Repair Kit.


The rewards for completing main and side quests are a main reward of 100-200 and a side reward of 10-20. To complete the collection, you need to gather tools using Azoth Extraction. Azoth Bottles can increase your Azoth points by 30. Azoth is useful in crafting equipment.
azoth tree


When using Fast Travel, keep in mind that you can save on repair costs by using Repair Parts to create a Repair Kit. The Repair Kit has four levels, T2-T5, which correspond to repairing equipment of those levels.
Recipes are available for all crafting specialties, including Forging, Tailoring, and Engineering. Crafting materials consist of 50-200 Repair Parts and 1-4 crafting materials. Buy New World gold coins and items at Gameusd, if you have any needs.