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How to get gold in Dark and Darker


Find the bottle and treasure box to open in the dungeon, or defeat the boss, and then will get the gold reward.

Novices have very low health, when they go to the dungeon at the beginning, they have to play very carefully. If they are defeated by the monster or boss, will lose everything they took with them when they entered the dungeon.

PVP Mode

Defeat other players and get loot from them.

When your character level is high, or you have strong equipment, you can find another player to fight. If you win, you will get the other player's equipment and gold, If you lose, everything you have also will be taken by other players.

Why need gold in Dark and Darker

  1. Buy equipment from a merchant. The equipment can also be purchased from the merchant, when you can not get good equipment on the map, you can only go to the merchant to gamble, maybe you can get some good equipment from him.
  2. Pay for maps. In addition to free maps, Dark and Darker also has a new feature—paid maps. If you want some better equipment, you have to go to a higher level of the map, and you need to unlock this map, just use the gold to pay.

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About Dark and Darker

It is a hardcore fantasy FPS dungeon PvPvE adventure game. Here's the gameplay:

  1. Choose your class to team up or match
  2. Enter the dungeon to explore
  3. Collect supplies or gold
  4. Finally find an exit point to evacuate or enter the next level to challenge the boss.