Dark and Darker


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If you’ve ever noticed how Dark and Darker official site is calling this game, you might be surprised by how versatile it is - “An unforgiving hardcore fantasy FPS dungeon PvPvE adventure”. Yes, you will be able to experience FPS, dungeon fighting, adventuring, PvP and PvE all in one game. And along its competitive game progress, currencies (especially gold coin) are the keys of advancing to later game phase and in PvP battles. Weapons, equipment, supplies… You won’t be able to name one item in the game that doesn’t require gold. But if you’re tired of endless farming and boring treasure box opening, buying some Dark and Darker gold coin could be a choice.

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4 types of currencies in Dark and Darker and why gold coin is the most important

The economy system in Dark and Darker is a little bit more complicated than other FPS dungeon games. There are 4 main currencies in the game - gold coins, silver coins, event currencies, and Shards. Shards are used to purchase skins and some races, while event currencies can only be used in specific events. The most commonly used currency in Dark and Darker is gold coin - most merchants and player-to-player trade in the game only accept gold coins.

How to farm gold in Dark and Darker


Find the bottle and treasure box to open in the dungeon, or defeat the boss, and you will be rewarded with gold coins.

Novices with low HP should be extremely careful in dungeon - defeated by the monster or boss could result in losing everything they took with them when they entered the dungeon. Buying some Dark and Darker gold coins in the early game might be an good option.

PVP Mode

Battle other players and get loot from them.

If you win, you will get the other player's equipment and gold, If you lose, everything you have also will be taken by other players. PvP mode will be available when you reach certain level or if are equipped well enough (which requires gold coins in advance). You will need to farm or buy Dark and Darker gold in the early game to proceed.

Why need gold in Dark and Darker

Buying equipment from a merchant is part of how you power up in the game, and they accept only gold coins.
Pay for maps. In addition to free maps, Dark and Darker also has a new feature—paid maps. If you want some better equipment, you have to go to a higher level of the map, and you need to unlock this map, just use the gold to pay.

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About Dark and Darker

It is a hardcore fantasy FPS dungeon PvPvE adventure game. Here's the gameplay:

Choose your class to team up or match
Enter the dungeon to explore
Collect supplies or gold
Finally find an exit point to evacuate or enter the next level to challenge the boss.

Dark and Dark can proceed quit slowly if you are not good at farming gold & silver coins. Buy Dark and Darker gold coins to help yourself push the game process and win bigger!