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In World of War Classic WotLK, gold is one of the most important things for game progression. Players need this in-game currency to purchase gears, weapons, pets, mounts, consumables, and other items. Since farming gold in WoW Wrath of the Lich King can be extremely time-consuming and challenging, GameUSD is offering players a marketplace to buy WoW gold from reliable sources. Here you will be able to find any mount of WoW Classic gold for all regions and servers, with a cheap price and almost-instant delivery. Time to speed up your WoW gaming process and be a PRO player!

Time-tested and trusted by thousands of WoW Classic players

Since our foundation in 2005, this digital marketplace has delivered in-game currencies for thousands of WoW Classic players, with great reviews and feedback. We have helped many World of Warcraft players enjoy this game in a more efficient way.

For Any region, any server, and in any amount

GameUSD’s list of WoW WotLK Gold for sale always ensures a cheap price, a wide range of region & server coverage, and enhanced security. Here you can trade gold for Onyxia, Sargeras, Mannoroth, and any server in the US/EU, as one of a Horde or an Alliance. Just browse through the list, find your region and server, then order in the amount you want. One-click to get rid of endless gold farming.

100% safe - free from the risk of account suspecting & banning

Trades in GameUSD have never caused any risk of account suspecting and banning. Online games like WoW Classic are indeed strictly monitoring the trades of in-game currencies, but we have ensured that every gold for sale is from real players and is 100% safe.
Also, GameUSD is certificated by both McAfee Secure and Trust Guard. This is where you can buy WoW Classic gold without any safety-related concerns.

Why choose GameUSD to buy WoW Classic WotLK gold

-Enhanced security and cheap price

-Reliable gold source and player-to-player trade

-Fast delivery and 24/7 customer service

-Wide range of regions and servers

-Unlimited stock to purchase in any amount

-Cheap, cheaper, cheapest!

-Updating and adjusting with every new patch of WoW Classic

Why is gold essential for all WoW Classic WotLK players

Like all online MMORPGs, Blizzard had made gold one of the foundations of WoW Classic’s gaming system. For most players, gold is needed to level up their professions, and purchase in-game items, consumables, and pre-raid BiS. To put it simply, gold is the fundament of your combat in World of Warcraft Classic, especially if you are in a new server or into new patches.

Strengthen your in-game character by buying consumables and BiS before raids

Rolling pre-raid BiS is a must for most players in WoW Classic WotLK. Weapons and armor cost heavily. So gold farming became time-consuming for both teams and individual players. Well, buying WoW gold in a marketplace could save you that time and effort, and make you rich enough to arm the best gear.

Leveling up your professions to be a real PRO WoW player

The new WoW Wrath of the Lich King patch not only introduced a new profession. Blizzard also increased the caps for each profession, meaning now you will need more time to farm mats or more gold to buy them. Buy the amount of gold you need here, and PRO yourself faster and easier.

Never feel undersupplied in the battle of WoW Classic again

Stock up your consumables and never feel undersupplied during any raids and battles. Potions, flasks, etc. Always be prepared in your DPS rotations.

How to buy WoW Classic gold at GameUSD Marketplace

-Select your region and server

-Browse through the list (marked for Horde or Alliance)

-Find your deal, click in, and choose your quantity

-Enter your delivery mail

-Order and check for delivery!

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