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Gameusd Affiliate Program

1. How to become an Affiliate Manager?

Anyone can join Gameusd as an Affiliate Manager and the system creates individual promote links for each Affiliate Manager in the personal center.

2. Commission rules

① Affiliate Manager shares their promotional links with unregistered users, and the user clicks it to create an account and places an order. After the order is completed, the Affiliate Manager can receive the commission generated by the order.

② The commission settlement cycle is monthly, and all commissions for the last month will be settled on the 7th day of the following month (UTC+8). The Affiliate Manager can withdraw his commission after settlement.

③ The binding time between the user and the Affiliate Manager is valid for a long time.

④ The commission ratio for each order is 10%.

3. Withdrawal rules

① Withdrawal time: After receiving the commission, the Affiliate Manager can withdraw at any time.

② Withdrawal amount: The withdrawal amount is greater than or equal to $50.

② Withdrawal time: 5 working days (UTC+8)

③ Withdrawal method (withdrawal fee borne by the Affiliate Manager) :

PayPal : $0.3+4.4%
USDT -Trc20: 1usdt

4. About refunds

If the user requests a refund, the commission for the order will be deducted.

5. Rules for handling violations

Gameusd retains the right to revoke the Affiliate Manager's rebates and promotional benefits if they are discovered to be fraudulent.

6. How to promote it

You can promote your links in several ways:

① Social media
Users in each country have their social media frequently used, you can find various interested users on multiple social media and promote links there.

② Game Forum
The majority of games feature forums where users frequently chat. You can get in touch with the forum moderator to promote your link once you've learned more about Gameusd's products.

③ Video content
Most viewers of gaming streamers and video hosts are players with a keen interest in video games. To market your link, you can find some streamers or video hosts to collaborate with.