Delivery and Refund Policy

Delivery ETA & Refund Policy:
1.We provide different prices for different delivery speeds. The prices are updated automatically every 10 mins. You may choose a price and ETA(estimated time of arrival) while making order.
2.100% Money Back Guarantee - We promise we would refund you based on your request at any time before delivery if you are not 100% satisfied with our service.

Delivery Methods:
1.Face to Face Trade: Never giveback gold to anyperson as we will never ask our person to ask any stuff back.
2.Deliver by Auction House Buyout(only for wow gold order): please set several items in AH with buyout price,Then we can buy. Total buyout price is the same with your order amount.

P.S:Please use blue,purple,green item ,because white or gray item seems to be suspicious to Blizzard.

3.Ingame mail(only for Star Wars order)

Thank you for choosing !